Travelin’ Dan

Travelin’ Dan never met a stranger, but he never made a long term friend, either. He could shoot the bull with anyone, about anything. As long as it didn’t get personal. As long as no one said, “Where you from, Dan?” or “Tell us about yourself, Dan.” That’s when the conversations ended for Dan and you saw nothing but the worn down heels of his shoes as he jumped on a bus for the next spot on down the road a bit.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

7 thoughts on “Travelin’ Dan”

  1. “Travelin’ Dan is coming next week,” yelled Max. Nobody in the house responded so Max went back to his Lego pieces, scattered over the livingroom rug. Picking one piece up at a time, he scrutinized each piece like a private investigator might a crucial piece of evidence.

    Smells of cinnamon and apples wafted through the house as Betty entered the room. “Okay, it’s about that time, Max. Off to bed with you. But first, pick up all those Legos. We can’t have any of the guests tripping on them.”

    “But Mom, I have to finish this before Travelin’ Dan gets here. I don’t have that much time. This is gonna be a huge 18 wheeler just for him. He’s gonna love it.”

    Lowering herself to the floor, Betty sat down next to her son and hugged him.

    How much longer will he have this imaginary friend, she thought. All I have are my B & B guests. They help to pay the bills but what I really need is a friend like Travelin’ Dan.

    “Tell me a little about your friend, Max. I’d like to get to know him.”

  2. An unhappy man was
    Travelin’ Dan.
    He had no place called
    He threw his duffle in a
    Chevy van;
    Moving from place to place
    Across the land.
    Then one day, in a little
    He met a gal and settled
    They had good times and bore
    Three kids,
    And raised them up, smart,
    They did.
    A happy man is
    Travelin’ Dan;
    With no desire to

  3. We children in town called the buses odd names as they pulled through our town. I remember they were painted bright blue, and the windows were all shut. Daddy said they were locked closed, because bad men were on those travelin dans. Sometimes, I wondered who those men had been.

  4. Travelin’ Dan just couldn’t get enough of seeing the world. He was a musician. And music was global. His heart longed for a new melody, a new vibe, a new beat. In each new place he would discover different religions, different foods, different laws. But they all had one thing… Their very own. Sometimes, he’d even get to play an instrument he’d never seen before.

  5. “Thar eeeee is, ole Trav-lin Dan!” Connor slurred his words to greet Dan as he bellied up to the bar at the VFW hall.
    “Where’d ya go today?”
    Dan just smiled and tipped his cap.
    In all of his 82 years, Dan had never once set foot outside Terra Haute. The train operator in Haley Tower for 22 years, Dan gladly left all the coming and going to the passengers.

  6. Travelin’ Dan was a shifty man.
    He cared only for money
    And didn’t care who he scammed.
    But his fate was sealed on one fine day
    When a craftier guy deceived him
    And took all his money away.

  7. Travelin Dan, I think I know that man, he lives his life pretty much without a plan, he keeps secret because he is own number one fan. Dan won’t let you get too close, he lives his life as a Ghost, that way nobody else can really see who Dan is supposed to be

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