Make It Up Yourself

I’m taking next week off. I invite you to spend the time in my absence to create your own writing prompt, put it in a comment under this post, and write the beginning of your story about your own writing prompt. Yes, make it up yourself. Anyone who feels inspired can reply to your comment with 50 words on your prompt. Everybody got that? Good. Write something.


Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

17 thoughts on “Make It Up Yourself”

  1. Christmas is coming.
    The automn leaves have changed into magnificent reds, oranges, and yellow. Halloween is just a week away. That means Christmas is coming. We’ll put up and decorate the tree. Buy gifts. Bake tons of food………But my heart craves for more. How can I make Christmas special this year?

    1. Christmas in school meant a large scrumptious,freshly baked plum cake from the neighbouring convent; and late night fireworks over the church steeple at midnight.It also meant christmas cards, new dresses and lots of goodies.Christmas in college meant looking out for pot-bellied santas doling candies and ringing bells on the city sidewalks.It also meant staying up late in the night trying to paint small santa faces on egg-shells, decorating the mess-hall tree and sipping root beer.

    2. It is just like Christmas. I am getting everything I have ever wanted delivered by a fat, jolly old man. I sign for the packages and look around in pleasure. My entire life sits in these rooms, all one hundred square feet of it. Now, however, I have eight hundred.


    To Chiara, happiness, as she knew it, had turned into such a foreign concept. She was so full of rage and resentment that she didn’t recognize herself at times. She pivoted between two worlds, and the thought oppressed her. What was she to do? She was at a crossroads and confounded about which way to go.

    She had lost her job and was dependent on someone else. Plus she had the added task of taking care of a mother besotted by dementia whose progression seemed inevitable. This, along with everything else, was eroding the little patience she had to begin with. She needed an outlet; a way of recharging.

    She thought of taking some classes in something that interested her. Maybe some short day trips to keep her mind occupied. She found the ideal venue in a bonsai club near her home. She thought this would be a good opportunity to learn this ancient art and mingle with people her own age while being creative and communing with nature. Hopefully, this would steer her mindset in a different direction.

    1. “Happiness is within us”, so said the scriptures. So , what happened? Where did we go wrong?In our constant quest for more, and more material wealth, trappings of success, accumulate more and more achievements, trying to squeeze more and more out of the time given to us on this planet; we end up losing sight of that which we set out to gain in the first place- which is happiness!! Ironically, all of these things, achievements, success,wealth are touted to lead you to happiness.

    2. Happiness was a foreign concept to me when I was little. Not that I was unhappy as a child. On the contrary, the foreign nature of happiness had more to do with my familiarity than an actual lack. The realization teaches me how much we take the known for granted.


    The first time my son hugged me when he got home from college a stifled cry caught in my throat. In his hug I felt love and loss. The loss of a chocolate-eyed tyke who loved all things little boy – Legos and running in circles around the house with his best friend – and who always paid attention to what was important. “Hey, there are crickets under the door mat,” he once said on his daily call to my office to let me know he was home school.

    1. The sensation was heady, like a little too much red wine, or the smell of a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie. To write “the end” was better than any accomplishment I have ever done. Never mind it was only two pages. Never mind it was not worth publishing. I finished.

    2. The first time I saw him, he was standing, smiling , as if in a tableau, on the footboard of a train, gradually coming to a halt. Before the train could stop fully, he had alighted, nimbly, spreading his arms towards us for a hug,that(as I would discover later) was rare for this reserved person. That he had made this trip specially, to see us , made the visit all the more special. He was tall, thin, with strikingly white beard and sporting a starched, light blue turban.He smiled often,as he spoke,softly, and I was already in love with my would-be father-in-law, as my fiance had predicted.

    3. The first time Miranda saw Steve in her neighborhood, he was hunched over his motorcycle oblivious to everything going on around him. He had a gruff expression on his face, and he had turned his head when she passed the carport in front of his house. How rude and uneducated, she thought. She definitely didn’t like him and forswore that she wasn’t even going to give him the time of day. But as fate would have it, a chance encounter at a local pizzeria where all the tables were occupied, would bring them together. The universe was smiling upon them, and it was to be love at second sight over pizza and wine for both of them.

  4. Spirit
    I heard that “spittin’ image” actually means “Spirit and Image”. I can see it. Yet what does it mean to have the spirit of another? Does it mean to have a similar personality? If so, one might say many of us have spirits akin. Then, it is not so rare.

  5. Fourteen.
    Melissa turned fourteen today. It was the fourteenth of October. Year 2014. For sure, today would be special. Maybe her dad would come home. It would be the best present ever. She will wear a dress and braid her hair. Dad had said that she was pretty that way. Of course, that had been ten years ago.

  6. Eating.
    Jessie walked into the room. Her mother was eating lunch in front of the computer. Nothing new. Her mother was always munching on something. She was always in front of a screen, too. She never left the house. Who could blame her ? It must be humiliating to have everyone gawking at you. Jessie was down to one meal a day. No, she’d never get morbidly obese like her mother.

  7. The elderly.
    Thirteen year old Sabrina stared at the elderly couple sitting at the next table. Their hair was white. Extra skin hung limply beneath their chins. The veins of their bony hands stood out against a thin and pale skin. Getting old was awful! The elderly woman turned to look at her. Her gaze was bright and alert. Sabrina smiled back. Maybe the body was tired and used, but the soul had remained youthful and alive.

  8. Cold.
    Yesterday, my thoat was sore. I rubbed on some Vicks vaporub and went to bed. It’ll be gone by tomorrow…….nope. This morning I have a runny nose, sneezing, and itchy eyes on top of it. It’s official. I have a cold. The week-end is so close. Can I postpone the cold till Monday?

  9. Being Right The wrong way.
    I believe in doing right, I know you can do right things the wrong way. I was raised to believe in God which is right, what if it’s crammed down your throat, threaten repeatedly with hell fire, damnation from a loving God? Now that is being right the wrong way!

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