My Favorite Writer

Alice Walker

You know those games you play where people say, “Who’s your favorite writer?” or “If you could have dinner with a famous person who would it be?” My answer is always the same: Alice Walker.

I spent last week in a place where some amazing and inspiring women shared their wisdom. One of those women was Alice Walker. Whenever I get anywhere near Alice Walker, I feel completely opened up, alive. Being around her is like being in love. Everything is more wonderful – colors, scents, contact. She thrills me completely.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

7 thoughts on “My Favorite Writer”

  1. For me, gotta be Dr. Seuss;
    taught ev-er-y-thing’s got a use
    whether WHOS ,ZAX or GRINCHES,
    if your sneaker pinches,
    no word he uttered was misuse.
    Loved that every word was nonsense,
    despite future or present tense.
    I constantly read everything that he said
    t’was worth all of my childhood cents!

  2. He wasn’t prolific, not even published. My favorite writer was a prolific reader, and instilled in me at an early age a love of books and for reading. Write? He did write; poetry, ditties, limericks and letters, Letters to friends and relatives, but mostly, Letters to the Editor. Once he even wrote a letter to E. B. White, to which he received a response.

  3. My favorite writer is Nora Roberts. I love the way she creates worlds that are so different. She can even make you believe that magic really exists. J D Robb is proof of her capability to innovate and create something new.

  4. My favorite writer is, has been and will always be, Ernest Hemingway. I love his style and the minimalistic, uncomplicated approach to his writing. You can feel his passion for life in many of his works, and his characters are depicted as living authentic lives—something that a reader can associate with.

  5. My favourite author in my childhood was a nun called Sister Teresa.She would take our language and maths classes. She would write lovely diary entries, which she would allow us to read if we were good enough.We were also allowed to read her collection of letters , from her friends.
    Once we wrote something worth a mention, she would read it aloud in the class. It was an honour to be in her good books.
    She introduced us to the classics and deciphered difficult shakespearean passages for us. She was pretty and a genius. A rare case of beauty with brains . I think we all fell in love with her during our high school.

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