So, About My Gaydar

The floor tile guy arrived at my door with his helper beside him. The helper was a woman in her 20s. She was tank-topped and tattooed with a do rag on her head and ripped jeans on her skinny bottom. Bits of metal protruded from her face. My spidey senses shouted, “Gay” at me. Later when we talked, she told me about her boyfriend and her My Little Pony kitchen decor.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “So, About My Gaydar”

  1. We had this big sales event at work. That’s where we met him. Tall, well groomed, well dressed. It’s the snug jacket and the beret on his head that made my Gaydar alarm go off. What a shock when he stated that he had seven girls at home! I didn’t believe him. I told my colleagues that he was just kidding. They weren’t convinced that I was right. Later that evening, he showed us pictures of his daughters. I said, ¨How could you be 35 and your eldest daughter is 22?¨ That’s when he said (with arms gesturing), ¨Oh, I didn’t really make them. My husband and I have a foster home.¨ Yup, my Gaydar was working perfectly.

  2. “So, about my gaydar.” I did a double take, to make sure I was reading correctly. A misspelling or a foreign phrase? I was left with the inevitable choice to Google this “neologism,” that was unrecognized by this self proclaimed wordsmith.
    gaydar :A sense that allows for someone to detect homosexuality in another……

  3. Gaydar. Definitely a new word for me, but once I read it on the post I made the association. Little did I know that a new word had been coined for a mere observation.

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