I’m a Blogger

I’m a blogger. I guess you knew that. Are you a blogger, too? Do you ever use the prompts from this blog to get writing ideas for your own blog? That would thrill me if you do. But maybe you blog about something completely different from writing. Tell us about it. Generally one link in a comment will get through the spam filter, so go ahead and add a link to your blog.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

9 thoughts on “I’m a Blogger”

  1. He got a mini Ipad for his birthday. He never played games, even though everyone kept sending him invitations to join. He didn’t read the latest news to find out what was going on in the world. He didn’t look up the latest fashion trend. There was no need to Google on what new gadget had just come out. Why bother? He was a blogger. Everything he wanted to know was right there on his favorite blog sites.

  2. I’m a blogger on a couple of blogs, but I don’t have a blog. I’ve been toying with the idea of creating one, but haven’t finalized its format nor its content. I guess eventually it will come to fruition, but thanks for the opportunity of allowing us to make it known in this forum.

  3. I am a blogger and it is my classroom, my playground to learn and practice how to create with words. This is what I have written in my very first post about one and a half years ago:
    “What will this blog be on? Most probably it will be on almost everything. It will contain short and long stories, both true and fictions, it will have some contemplations, diary-like entries and short thoughts of mine as well as my favourite quotations of other authors.”
    And a bit further I added:
    “I hope you will enjoy reading this blog and I am looking forward to your feedback, however short. Actually, I think that this blog cannot fail you. Even if you exclaim upon reading it: “What a waste of time!” it will be already a win-win situation for you and me. And the reason is simple: the best and the most enriching thing to be wasted is time. Being in the process of wasting it, you gain so much: you chuckle, you make harrumph sounds, you notice something you never noticed before, and the most important, this waste of time tears you out of your routine and your hurried life.”
    I’m finishing my novel now and I’m having a blast writing weekly posts. If you love writing, blogs are wonderful playgrounds and training courts to improve your writing.
    Enjoy yourself in everything you do and if I made you curious about my blog then go to http://victoriaichizlibartels.com/blog/.

  4. “Hi, I’m A. Blogger, you?”
    ” really, You’ve been A. Tweeter how long?
    “Me? I was born in April, 2003. In all the following years I’ve had 5 incarnations.”
    “no, no, I only show one side of me to the public.”
    “Oh yes, I’ve been overshadowed, in recent years, by my id. I call him FB (short for Facebook.)
    “You don’t have to tell me, I know how easily these alter-egos can take over, but I still struggle to bring the real me to the fore.”
    “I use an old therapy. You may have heard of it; it’s called writing prompts. No, I think FB will always be with me, but A. Blogger is coming to the surface more and more these days.”

  5. One fine day, overcome with the urgent necessity to pen down emotions, experiences and reactions to situations, people, I turned a blogger.
    It was almost as if I had undergone religious conversion. There was something to look forward to , in the emptiness left in the wake of kids having gone to school.It gave a direction and meaning to my existence.
    I found myself, several times in a day, formulating sentences inside my head, as I thought what I would write on this topic and that.
    Today, thanks to first 50 , i have two blogs , where I can write whatever comes to my mind.
    As someone mentioned earlier, the writings may be flawed, but the ensuing joy of being creative , isn’t.
    chintupint@blogspot.in is one and the other is right here. I am blessed.

  6. I am not a Blogger. I Have a Blog. But I am not a Blogger. Perhaps I might become one, perhaps. Perhaps my conception of a Blogger must Evolve. Or the general consensus of what a Blogger is Evolves. I committed my self onto my Blog. Shyly, trepidatiously, reluctantly. It was an act of Exploration. An act of Self-Reflection. Not knowing what I would find. I was the start of a Journey.
    I have the notion of a Blogger as one that shares all of themselves continuously and unreservedly to any and all that might be available. This is hard. This is a hard Association for me. Regardless of Accuracy, this conception represents a Threat to me. It is against my Me. I write Me on my Blog, only called a Blog as it is the Word of now. Perhaps it’s associations have changed, and will change more over time. I am not yet ready to embrace the World with my insides. And Yet…

    And Yet I am there, in my Blog. On my Blog. It is a start. A Start Not to smearing myself across the Universe, but to Self Discovery. The Discovery of Reflection. Internal reflection may be marred by an Imperfect surface and the act of public commitment is condemning. But I take took the Step. I am still taking that Step. The mere Act of Writing Me, changes me. I feel the Perceptions, unspoken and unvoiced. The sober Act of “Publish” is a reverent commission, a comission of Future Learning. My Blog is for Me.
    Writing as if there is a Reader, even just one, is a profound act of responsibility to myself. Care is taken, extreme Care. Will I define myself? Will I be locked into a definition? Will I retain the Freedom to change? Pressing concerns. But there Lingers a Promise. The Promise of a Reader. Not just a Reader, but a Responder.

    The Allure of a Response is almost Holy. To receive Feedback on Me. It is the most coveted of Private Goals. Asking for it, rude and loathsome. But that is Me. And me needs to Evolve. I dip the Toe of my Consciousness into the Blogosphere,

    And Tentatively Await a Ripple.


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