The Secretary

“What does the secretary do?” I asked.

“Take a few notes at the meetings and then read them at the next meeting. It’s just keeping records of what we do.”

“Oh, that doesn’t sound too hard. Okay. I accept the nomination.”

I had no idea that accepting that small chore would lead to my involvement in a mystery that almost got me killed.


Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “The Secretary”

  1. We were all gathered in the conference room. An enormous cake with the number 30 on it sat in the centre of the long oval table. We were celebrating Molly’s retirement. She had been my husband’s secretary for the past twenty years. I loved her, she was such a wonderful person. Everything was going so well…..until my husband introduced me to Vivian, his new secretary. Tall, slim, large bust, in her late twenties. No. I don’t like her at all.

  2. She breezed into the room on a waft of an expensive perfume. All eyes turned towards her.
    Clad in a knee length skirt and a chintzy, flimsy , sheer top with various georgette flaps that waved this way and that with her each movement; like the gossamer fins of a showy coral fish; she grabbed all eyeballs. Then her rose coloured lips,dripping with gloss, parted into a perfect, toothy smile. The entire hall sighed audibly.
    Hugging a clipboard to her ample bosom, she clicked-clacked on her stilettos to our bench and announced-“Mr. Shaw?”
    The man sitting next to me answered. All looked in his direction.
    “Humph!! Overdressed secretary!!” my sister audibly hissed in my ears.
    I was not sure that she wasn’t overheard, for I saw the lady’s back stiffen

  3. Dionne had never worked with a male secretary, but she figured it would certainly be a change of pace for her. His name was Vinnie and as she delegated certain tasks to him, she saw that he was efficient and responsible. He had the habit of always checking in with her, when she arrived, to see what were the most pressing issues Dionne needed him to handle. He always consulted her before taking on an initiative and things were running smoother than ever. He did his job, and he did it well. That experience made Dionne decide on hiring a male secretary, if the need arose again.

  4. I just knew that as the mother of the “new Kid,” on the soccer team, I needed to help out. If I wanted my son to have a fair chance to play. Two nights later, James O’Rourke, the coach, called and ask me to meet him somewhere for a drink.

  5. The ball spins on the IBM Selectric typewriter, spitting out letters on the crisp white St. Matthews Presbyterian Church stationary: fuck bitch slut cunt hairy slit punch sewer whore shit come. Wanda Wastely tugs at her short skirt, trying to cover her knees, while the fingers on her other hand peck away.

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