The Best Car


Oh, that car! It drove like part of my body. I just had to think a movement and that car would do it. It was a beauty, a powerhouse, a joy. The best car I ever had or ever will have. Of course, you can’t manage a kid and a car seat in a two-door sports number and it had to go. I mourn the loss of that hunk of metal.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “The Best Car”

  1. The best car I had was a Honda Accord. It was beautiful. Charcoal with a large stripe at the bottom of the doors, ACCORD. They were new, they were hot. I loved the way the headlights popped from the end of the hood. Manual shift, of course. The love affair ended when I had to kneel down and squeeze my first-born into the back seat. I couldn’t open the window because it got too windy in the back. No air-conditioning. I resigned myself to sell it. I handed the keys AND part of my youth that day.

  2. The best car had to be the van.
    You could pack the elder one’s tricycle, and the younger one’s pram ; in fact, we had on several occasions done exactly that. You could buy quilts ,bed covers and pillows at a discount store at your parents’ home and carry it to your place.
    On many occasions , we carried insane amounts of cooked food and had a party, when we landed.
    But there is no AC and the journey plays havoc with the elder one’s (now into teenage) hair, the younger one is worried about the dust on her ipad.
    So, the van may have to go.
    Sooner, than later.
    Till then, I can zoom around the cantonments’ clean swept roads, wearing the distinction of driving the oldest car around, with panache , on my sleeve.

  3. The best car I ever had was a 1973 brick colored Ford Mercury Cougar, three-quarter white vinyl top, white leather interior, white-rimmed tires and actual chrome fenders (not plastic ones). It had great pick-up-and-go. Its long front end housing quite a powerful motor. It was with me throughout my college years, and it carried my friends and me to many disco clubs. Great set of wheels, great friends, and great fun. The going was good while it lasted.

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