Day Trips

I took a day trip yesterday to The Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge. It got me thinking about favorite day trips from my past. I remember when I lived in Loveland, Colorado. I would drive up the Big Thompson Canyon, find an accessible boulder in an area with lots of white water and sit there for lunch. I could be home in an hour, but felt as if I’d been on a week’s vacation.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “Day Trips”

  1. Kelly sat on the school bus and peered eagerly out the window. The other kids were making plans to skip the day trip to all the Montréal museums. But not Kelly. Just imagine…. seeing REAL art! Nothing to do with the lame clay pots they were making in art class. No drawings copied from stencils. Instead, it would be oil paintings on canvases. She was born an artist. Today, she’d be exploring her own kind.

  2. It was the best elective class Meera had taken this semester—art appreciation—and her professor was quite knowledgable on the subject. The planned day trips the class had taken to the Metropolitan Museum of Art had been the most enlightening part of the course. It had encompassed the history of art as well as the history of the artists themselves. Seeing the actual works studied in class had augmented the experience for Meera, and this amalgam had culminated in a total career change for her.

  3. Kids would have been awakened from sleep, scrubbed, dressed in their sunday best, and made to occupy their seats in the car, the taps and gas outlets checked, the house would be locked, food, made earlier would be packed and carried, along with thermos flasks full of steaming ,hot tea; and off we would go. Life was so unpredictable.
    One would never know where was one headed to, till we actually reached the place.
    What surprises!!
    Once we were caught in a hailstorm, with hailstones the size of large lemons drumming on the roof, we sat in the cosy confines of the van, by roadside, sipping tea and munching chocolates.
    At another road trip, we did 1650 kms in three days, crossing four states, five linguistic zones and braving sun-stroke as mercury hit 45 degrees(celsius) A dust-storm caught us unawares, midway, swirling rubbish on city highways and turning bright afternoon to pitch dark night.
    We stopped at a dhaba (road side restaurant) for lunch and ate tandoori rotis in dim tube light,as rain and sleet lashed the grimy windowpanes.

  4. Alex’s family did not take day trips. They did not take vacations. They did not attend movies, baseball games, the theater or do any other family activities together. They could afford them, to be sure, his dad had a stable corporate job, but they did not spend any more time together than was absolutely necessary. They could not stand to be around each other.

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