It’s nearing that time of year when people get all the family together for a few days of reunion, food, and fun. Or sometimes for awkward drunken scenes, reignited ancient grievances and arguments. Here’s wishing you the good kind of family interaction and if you don’t have that kind of family, here’s wishing you the wisdom to get through it with intact emotions.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

9 thoughts on “Family”

  1. Since last Saturday night, my family consists only of me and two cats. There used to be another presence here, but it seems that she felt the need to be somewhere else, with someone else.
    The cats won’t leave me, but they leave me alone, which suits me just fine.

  2. There were eleven of us in all: Papa, nine girls, and me. We made our home in an old school set back from the road down around Blue Moose way. It was a pretty ramshackle place, but we kept it clean . Papa wouldn’t allow us to do anything else.

  3. A wonderful childhood memory is that of the entire family getting together for the holidays. Aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers…the list goes on and on. Our tables grew longer as our own families grew in number. Family isn’t always about being related, it’s also about cherishing those friendships that bring us all together in love.

  4. Friends behave better than family at times. It’s not surprising why so many people have better relationships with their friends than with members of their own flesh and blood. Many friends are integrated within our own family and help to create the balance that binds us together in harmony and understanding.

  5. Family is important. Like raising children and marriage, at certain times, it takes a whole lot of effort to make it work. The desire to have a good relationship must come from both sides. When everyone concerned makes a conscious decision to play an active part in making it a success, the bond is stenghtened. You gain a new best friend in your sister or husband or child. What a reward!

  6. Our lives are centred around families and familial gatherings.Last week one uncle came to meet my mother-in-law.He was her younger brother.With greying hair, and wrinkles and hearing aids,they still managed to communicate,within limits. Mostly, they remained silently seated, next to each other on the sun-washed porch. It was a poignant scene.
    Even though meeting after years, they had not much to talk. Age having dulled their hearing and speech.

  7. Family- a strange word. Does it mean you have to be blood related? Does it mean you have to have done something for that person and they returned the favor for you? The simplicity of it all is that family like an apple, they are the core, you are the seeds, and the stem is the way you live together. It means people you can depend on, love, and you are not afraid to be judged or thought of differently. With my family, we may have a quirky sense of humor and a lot of people who are so thoughtful as to take care of one another, but your family may be entirely different. Family- the people you feel are apart of you.

  8. My family should have never existed. It was the forced marriage of an ambitious college graduate and a high school dropout. Catholic and Protestant. Brown and White. East and West. Academic and practical. Oil and water. We shouldn’t be.

  9. Family should be reliable and supportive regardless of personal feelings. You share bloodlines that evidently were strong enough for your arrival so respect the path. Recognize nobody’s perfect just like you. Focus on the loyalty, faith, goodness and tolerate the indifference. We are all works in progress.

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