All Aboard

He put the wooden whistle to his lips and blew out a train whistle’s plaintive note. He shouted, “All aboard,” and struck a note on his guitar. “This Train is Bound for Glory” came from his mouth, when he wasn’t playing the harmonica along with his guitar. The audience joined in with shared memory and enthusiasm. That’s the exact moment the police broke through the door, shouting and pointing guns at everyone.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “All Aboard”

  1. My grandmother’s dentures would begin grinding, her breaths would come in short gasps, as the steam engine chugged, puffed and shrieked its way onto the station platform. Having lived all her life, in the placid village, where even throwing a stone in the holy pond would create news,the bustle and excitement of the train journey would be too much of a stressor for her. I remember tightly holding her hand, even as the crowd swelled, churned and hustled around us.
    His shirt billowing, my father would rush ahead of us to secure us berths/seats, despite there being a pass ( railway employee’s dependents’) for all of us. The madness lasted for precisely five minutes, the stoppage time for the train on the remote station.
    Once, we were all aboard, we could breathe a sigh of relief, as the train pulled out of the station, blasting its horns into rice fields with lush crop that swayed, and regained their composure, unimpressed and unruffled.

  2. The conductor had already yelled out his usual “All aboard,” and Melissa was nowhere to be seen on the departing train’s platform. Guillaume craned his head out the window desperately looking around for Melissa, but she just wasn’t around. The train started moving. He slumped into his seat and just kept looking at his hands. The thing he had feared most had become a reality—her answer to his marriage proposal had been a very silent no.

  3. In the films that Shoshana had seen, train conductors yelled, “All aboard.” Travelers entered their compartments happily anticipating a joyful ride to their destination. Tonight there were no friendly conductors, only angry soldiers pushing everyone toward the overcrowded train. There were mean dogs on each side of the ramps leading up to the trains, barking and snapping sharp teeth at the legs of those loading the trains. The train cars were not comfortable passenger coaches, they were freight cars designed to haul wood, coal, and animals, not human beings.

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