Tech Support

The nearest tech support center was on the ground floor of my apartment building, which was lucky for me. Some people had to walk blocks. I went into the support suite at exactly 8 AM.

“My ears aren’t receiving,” I said. I had no idea if I was whispering or shouting. “Also, my right eye won’t connect with my map App.”

The bot behind the counter raised its sensor toward my ear.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

2 thoughts on “Tech Support”

  1. The tech support of Marie’s computer brand was atrocious. She was kept waiting on the phone for an inordinate amount of time and once she was able to speak to one of the technicians, she could hardly understand him. The worst part of her experience was that the tech couldn’t resolve the problem she was having with her laptop anyway. She would have to send the entire device to the manufacturer; something she had tried to avoid from the beginning. It was time to rethink in making an investment on a better and more reliable computer brand. She decided she was ready to take a bite out of the Apple.

  2. 7:30 AM.
    Jitender didn’t have to be at the office until 8:00, but it was his first day so he decided to go in a bit early.
    “You’re late!” screamed his boss Mr. Suraj, “do you want to be fired on your first day? Get to work!”
    The veins in Mr. Suraj’s neck ballooned as he gesticulated wildly toward Jitender’s cubicle.
    Jitender hurried to his cubicle, snapped on his headset, and logged into the tech support system.
    His first call came in 12 seconds later.
    12 hours later, Jitender went home. Exhausted. Not sure that he would return.

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