Her jeans were soiled with blood. There was blood pooling under her shoes. She put a hand on the fender of her car for support and felt the moistness of blood on the metal. She stared at the deer she’d hit in the darkness. Her car was a mess, probably undriveable, but she didn’t care. Her eyes flooded with tears for the beautiful animal she’d killed.

A car stopped, it’s headlights further highlighting the bloody scene in front of her. She . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “Soil”

  1. The old truck bumped along the windy mountain road. Miguel rolled down the window, cupped the passing air in his wrinkled hand and inhaled deeply.
    “The Nakamura’s place is just off to the right,” he said quietly.
    His grandson Mikey looked at him in disbelief. “How do you know that Grandpa? You can’t see it can you?”
    “They’ve been using that same fish fertilizer mix in their soil for 100 years.”

  2. The soil was completely saturated from the heavy rain that had started the night before. Blake trotted through the muddy slush bringing a lot of it on his boots inside the cab of the truck. One of his heifers had broken part of the barn door and had escaped. He had become attached to her since he had a hand in helping to raise her. Ellie was certainly special to him and now he was on his way to her rescue. He just hoped that his old pickup wouldn’t get bogged down in the mud. He made the sign of the cross, bowed his head and said a prayer to St. Francis before heading out. The rain was still falling.

  3. “Slushy,gooey muck. Dangerous and mysterious.”
    “What?” She echoed, her limpid black eyes growing large in her cute round face.
    He bent and parted the reeds to point at the ground, dark and moist. “That.”
    “What?” She bent , following his gaze,a musty, reedy, fishy odor hit her in the face.
    “A snake lives there. Right beneath the muddy soil. Coiled,waiting. You step on it ,and whoosh.”
    He made a loud whispering hiss with his lips, noting with satisfaction, alarm rising in her eyes , like floodwater on the banks.
    “Let us get back home.” She hastily puffed, standing upright and dusting her frock.
    Alarm had made way for cool composure.
    He was disappointed. Just when he thought he had genuinely scared her.

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