The game was cancelled due to rain. The weather report had been that the rain would pass, but it only grew more rainy. I already had 5 boys in cleats in the back of my van when we heard.

“Change to your regular shoes, boys.” I turned onto 3rd Avenue. “We’re going to Sam & Ellas Pizza Palace.” There were cheers from the back. “Everyone have a phone? You all need to call your folks and let them know what we’re doing.”

It turned out to be one of the best days of my life because . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “Cancelled”

  1. The plane ticket, the hotel reservation, the jet ski rental were all laid out on the table along with other remnants of a vacation that Patrick would never take. It would have been their 27th anniversary if cancer hadn’t intervened. For both of them, their first trip to Hawaii, their first trip outside of the continental United States, their biggest adventure together. Now, all Patrick could do, was stare at the bold red letters that spelled out the word “Cancelled”.

  2. The opened envelope lay on the table. Sliced open in haste with the other mail without regard to the sender. But now that he held the letter in his hands, the fears that had been until now speculation were proven true with frightful clarity. “Dear Mr. Holmes, It is with regret that we must inform you that your subscription to PI Monthly has been cancelled.”

  3. “You have successfully cancelled your train ticket ”
    Never were few words on the homepage of the railways website more reassuring.
    Thank God. For quick cancellations.
    No more hurried packing, gut-wrenching good-byes, no more stocking up the fridge with ten days’ worth ready-to-eat meals (which you prayed wouldn’t fungate by the time they were consumed).
    She didn’t realize that cancellations could bring relief and happiness too.
    Now , she had to get down to work.Prepare mammoth grocery lists, clean out the guest room,and work out a menu for the few days’ stay of her parents.

  4. The weather had turned for the worst as Keira stepped out of the taxi and entered the airport. Her check in was fast and all she had to do was go through the checkpoint. She had made it in good time and felt like having some coffee before going to her departing gate. On her way to the café, she noticed the flight information of the arriving and departing flights on the monitor screens blinking in red. She held her breath as she approached one of the many monitors in the airport to confirm her fear. Her flight to Miami had been cancelled. It was going to be a long night…

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