Fenced In

I read one of those quizzes in a magazine while sitting in the doctor’s office. I found out my theme song is “Don’t Fence Me In.” Ha! That’s pretty funny. Everything in my life keeps me locked in place, doing my duty, being a good son, a good employee. If that stupid magazine knew anything at all it would make my theme song something about being a doormat. Why, I should  . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “Fenced In”

  1. Thing go on in the world outside the office, and I want to take part in them; but I’m stuck in the office, doing my work which I can’t stand. I have to wait until quitting time, when everything shuts down.

  2. “You will tell us your unit affiliation and your mission.”
    “Frazier, Michael D., Staff Sergeant, 2318644C; United States Army.”
    Unintelligible words were exchanged, bamboo canes broke Sergeant Frazier’s
    skin, then the interrogation continued.
    “You will tell us your unit affiliation and your mission,” more angrily this time.
    “Frazier, Michael D., Staff Sergeant, 2318644C; United States Army.”
    Searing pain as rubbing alcohol was splashed onto his open wounds.
    “Unit affiliation and mission!”
    “Frazier, Michael D., Staff Sergeant, 2318644C; United States Army.”
    Mikey had no idea how long he’d been fenced in or how long it would be until
    he returned home.

  3. The sky is again gray, foreboding and the air bone -chilling. Even the squirrels and birds have disappeared. Dogs have dug out dusty shallows for themselves , to curl themselves up in .Lot of brown slumbering, tightly curled dogs are seen by the wayside now.
    I hate being fenced in by the weather like this . I wish to go out into the warm , life giving sun and watch squirrels scamper up the trees.

  4. Last year, a week before Christmas, my boyfriend of three years proposed to me. At first I thought he was joking, but he most certainly wasn’t. Unlike most women who would be undeniably thrilled by this event, I was kind of numb, because the months prior to the proposal were draining, emotionally and mentally, and I didn’t know how I was feeling. I was too quick to answer yes without thinking it through, and once I did, I sealed the deal not knowing if that’s what I actually wanted and I felt trapped.

  5. Leila’s Shiba Inu, Flash was just that—greased lightning. It would be a matter of time before he’d take off to never return, so she decided to have her backyard fenced in with a relatively tall fence. But the dog was smarter than Leila and started to dig a tunnel under the fence to escape. Luckily, it was discovered, and Flash was confined to the inside of the house the majority of the time. Whenever he was out, he would be on a leash.

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