I hate that

I hate that America is so flawed.
I hate that so many of us are killed by guns.
I hate that so many of us are in prison.
I hate that drugs steal the future from young people.
I hate that work doesn’t pay a living wage.
I hate that we fill the sky with poison for profit.
I hate that an education is about nothing but passing a test.
I hate that change and progress is such a difficult battle.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

6 thoughts on “I hate that”

  1. I hate that my hands bleed when I bump against something, I hate that my knees ache when I sit or stand. I like to think that I am aging gracefully,but the truth is that it is painful. My back hurts, my feet ache, it hurts to see creases that weren’t there a day ago and wattles on my neck which now hangs lower than my boobs.

  2. Reblogged this on Que Vu and commented:
    i hate that s.o kills many people for their own benefit
    i hate that s.o yell at me
    i hate that people who assign me a task but not believe in me
    i hate that peole don’t respect me on small thing
    i hate that people who undergraded my family and relationship
    i have mysefl from missing you
    i hate myself that i care too much about what people think

  3. I hate that I can’t travel as much as I used to. The routine has become overbearing and enthusiasm seems to have evaporated from my very existence. The time has come to see the extraordinary in every day things…

  4. I hate the fact that even though leaders know they are doing us wrong, they still keep doing in the name of the almighty dollar. I hate the fact that people are so trusting of people in power and look for a change that will never come. I hate the fact that I have watch children become corrupted and polluted by the minds and evils of adults. I hate the fact that I could probably go on about the things I hate for a very long time.

  5. I hate that all this will come to an end
    I hate that so much of effort that goes into living will go waste.
    I hate that life is so ephemeral.
    I hate that time passes by so fast that i am not even aware of it.
    I hate that my arthritis is going to get worse.
    I hate that my knees are going to buckle.

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