Passing Fad

Look at all the things we’ve labeled passing fads in the last 100 years. Radio, telephones, motorized vehicles. I wonder what we’re just seeing now and thinking of a passing fads that will turn out to change the world in a few years? Wearable health tracking devices? Medical implants? Solar electricity? Driverless cars? It’s a brand new world every day you are alive. New and different. Maybe it’s humans who are the passing fad.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

2 thoughts on “Passing Fad”

  1. I equate a passing fad more with music, dance, hairdos and fashion. Music gave us Rock and Roll, disco and the lambada. Good while they lasted, passé now. The Charleston, the Lindy, the Twist and breakdancing were popular in their time; not anymore. As far as hairdos are concerned, I remember the flip and the pompadour and fashion trends always seem to have a period of popularity and then fall under the category of being out of style. It’s what makes the world go round.

  2. Passing fads are a painful reminder of this world’s fickle nature.
    Everytime I visit the xerox shop, I see the walls stacked sky high ,with music cassettes , a passed-out fad.
    Last , I visited my in laws ancestral home, I was saddened at the sight of tens of LP records, gathering dust;another passing fad.
    We live in a ruthless world of passing fads.Sigh.

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