My First Pet

My first pet was a little dog. I named him Bingo. I regularly humiliated him by making  him wear my doll’s dresses. At the same time, I also had a huge calico cat who could intimidate any dog who came around. Odd, I don’t remember the name of the cat, but I do remember she had kittens on a regular schedule.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “My First Pet”

  1. My first pet was a stray mongrel, who would be called by different names by every member of our huge family. Amazingly, he would respond to each of these names.
    He would be tommy, tiger, jhantu, pappu, puju etc.
    In fact, he wouldn’t mind being addressed so inconsistently, so long as his feeding bowl was full of chappati pieces and warm milk.
    He would insist on following us to school, and trouble began when the watchman drew the line at the gate.
    He would plonk himself on the concrete patch(where the school flag was hoisted), licked himself clean, and refused to budge till we emerged , after the school was over, at four in the afternoon.

  2. Our first pet was a character. He lived a happy life for a little dog. Every winter he’d look forward to snow. In the summer he’d run by the pond behind our house. I believe our dog thought of our family as his pack. He even considered himself the leader. Whenever I think of my first pet, I dream of happy thoughts. He is still there among us, and will always be.

  3. My first pet was a baby chick named Periquito. He would follow me wherever I went and come chow time he was there by my side peeping up a storm. I remember that he liked Jello, so when I was having that, I would always put some on the floor for him, and he would gobble it up in a hurry.

    As he got bigger, he didn’t want to stay in his box anymore. He liked roaming around the apartment. This caused a problem because he started to soil some of the furniture and my mother decided it was time to give him away.

    The day came when one of my mother’s relatives came for Periquito. Right then and there. I knew he would be on the menu that same evening he was taken away.

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