Your Turn

jazz attack

Have a writing prompt you think might be fun? Suggest it in the comments. If enough good ideas come in, we’ll use them here for the rest of the week. You’re it!


Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

8 thoughts on “Your Turn”

  1. The Moonlit Gate

    Once every one thousand years, the moon circles closer than any other time, because it is so close, that it has a mysterious pearly white. I have heard many tales of this moon, being the cause of strange happenings. None of them I believed true. Until the day I found a gate of an old castle opened, with moon shining as brightly as the sun. A saddled horse waited, with a letter titled, “Wanderer of the Stoneless Fortress, Greetings.” With that, the gate closed, with myself trapped inside.

  2. My writing prompt will be ” a new dawn.”

    In the depth of the night , a raspy stale breath accosts you, and a moan ” Hai, maa, mainu bachale’Hai maa meriye, mainu marta”( oh mother , save me, oh mother , they have all but killed me.”) and you cringe in your heart, and draw the covers over your ear, and pray that this is not a plea for changing a wet adult diaper.(which it invariably is )
    And you pray for forgiveness, and for ending all suffering in the world .
    Oh Lord!! May your light shine through and may there be a new dawn.

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