Late Arrival

She was the queen of the late arrival. She loved entering a room to create a stir – loved the way everyone turned to her with approval on their faces at her stunning looks. That’s why I was so surprised when she rang my doorbell 15 minutes early looking a bit tattered. She . . .

Please leave a comment with your first 50 words on the topic “late arrival.” Thanks to Monica Manning for the prompt.

Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

10 thoughts on “Late Arrival”

  1. Thank you for using my suggestion, Virginia. I feel like I’ve won an Oscar.

    My submission:

    Neck-deep in lavender bubbles, Janice dropped her head against the cool bathroom tile. Just a few more minutes, then she’d know.

    Would Frank be happy or sad? Would she?

    She started when the timer rang; sloshed water over the tub. Janice reached for the stick. Stared at the results.


  2. The class would be in a state of uproar when she entered.
    Tired of waiting, the twins would be throwing missiles of chalk-stubs at each other, Ramya , the front-bencher Greek Goddess, would twist herself into a knot and anchoring her hand at the junction of two desks, would be animatedly recounting last night’s episode of the popular soap opera to her rapt audience behind;Amol would have climbed up on his desk and giving a rip-roaring rendition of Justin-Bieber’s latest hit, to a raucous accompaniment of enthusiastically thumped desks , Jaya would have just dispatched last pink coloured paper airplane with its secret message (in encrypted malayalam) to its recipient in the back seat ,Sonu would be busy picking his nose and wiping it underside the desk,on his desk-partner’s side, who was totally absorbed in hijacking the pink paper airplane midway. Jaya screamed her disapproval in chaste malayalam, calling the interloper names which he didn’t comprehend, nor was inclined to; and Miss Keya Ghoshal , the late arrival would be standing at the entrance,(“darkening the doorway”- Mother Superior would remark,acridly) disapproval and disgust writ large on her round, dark, lipsticked face. Silence and order would slowly, and very reluctantly return to the now very littered and disorderly and breathless classroom.

  3. It was the usual story. Carly would be waiting at the diner for a good 20 minutes before her friend, Myra, came rushing through the door, sat down at their usual booth and spewed a string of apologies for her tardiness—her usual late arrival style. Initially, Carly would get annoyed, but she had made the resolution to use the time wisely instead of letting it go to waste. She had started to bring her e-book reader and put in some good reading time while leisurely having her cup of coffee before her friend’s arrival.

  4. I apologize if this is too dark but it’s just what came to me…

    His voice was panicked and rattled with emotion,”255 North Second St. Please hurry, there’s blood everywhere, it’s everywhere…” He looked down at the young woman in her arms and cried, “Why baby, why?” In her cold stillness she was still so beautiful. Minutes later the paramedics rushed in through the door. It was too late. The life drained from her wrists. The gold flecks in her brown eyes dimmed to embers…

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