Paint Samples

Yeah, she says she has no artistic talent. But before she painted her house, she picked 3 shades of paint, bought small samples of each, and painted swatches of all three on every wall of her house. She picked an individual color for each wall depending on the way the light hit them. The results were spectacular.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “Paint Samples”

  1. Andrea had taken a slew of cardboard square paint samples from the hardware store when she went to buy a lightbulb. They would be perfect for the project she was ready to undertake. She wanted to compose a collage of different colors with the cardboard swatches, which would depict a modern piece of art form. Once completed, she would frame it and hang it in her living room. She had gotten the idea while walking down the main hallway of a hospital she had visited recently, and she was itching to get started. She figured—how difficult could it be?

  2. The vase caught her eye. Sitting innocuously on the floor in a corner, it was caked with years of dust and grime. It was impossible to tell if the vase had been painted previously , since it was so faded and old. There was a small, yet noticeable chip out of the top rim. Why the vase stood out to her, she wasn’t sure. It would be fun to refurbish it, she thought, picking up the piece. I could buy different paint colors and make it beautiful again.

  3. “This one !! She chirped enthusiastically
    “What, this one ?” The mother wasn’t so convinced.”Are you sure?”
    “Yesss mama!! Please, please, please. I love it. It is just right!!”
    “But these are 158 shades of colour!! Do you really need all these ?”
    There, standing in that stationery shop, surrounded by million samples of paint, paper, ink , erasers, geometry boxes, pencils, etc, she finally got that cold feet that this world’s glut and greed tends to give you sometimes. The sheer variety of choices was mind-numbing. How does one stop?And where?

  4. They held hands and walked over to the wall of color swatches at the hardware store. Looking at her lovingly he said, “What color do you like for the living room?” She gleamed and said, “Something subtle and clean.” Her eyes started moving toward a vibrant color; fiery and warm. She picked up the sample and said, “But this would be nice in the bedroom.” She flirted with her eyes and they tittered together. He took the tile from her, looking square into her eyes and said, “Done.”

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