The Finest Thing

These two babies were the finest things I had ever seen. Perfect little fingers and toes. Lovely smooth heads smelling of baby shampoo. Tiny pursed mouths eager to bring in life. Innocent. How could I protect that innocence from the plunder and danger of life? That was my job – was I up to it?

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “The Finest Thing”

  1. The finest thing I’ve ever experienced was seeing some of the world’s most beautiful art and sculpted pieces at the Louvre—famous and renowned paintings and sculptures I had only seen in books and on projected slides in art appreciation classes in college. Standing before them and being able to capture all their virtual beauty was a heady experience for me. It was one of the most sublime events in my life that I’ve never forgotten.

  2. With a flourish, he waved the soft silky fabric with its faint fragrance , in my face,”this, madam here, is the finest thing you can ever hope of buying!!”
    He thumped his thigh with a resounding slap , for dramatic effect. A moment of silence ,his darting eyes already registering the admiration in our wonder-struck eyes,he pronounced with the finality of an assured buy;”this is pashmina, the finest wool in the world!!”
    “Yess, yess, we have heard, “my practical husband said testily”how much?”
    I could already sense a storm coming.

  3. His lips left mine and it was the finest thing. We pulled back in unison, keeping eye contact as we took in a much needed deep breath. From that moment we knew we’d crave that moment over and over again; the butterflies of anticipation, the jolt of lightening down the backs of our spines, the soft pillow-like destination, and the playful desire within.

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