I Remember

I remember running. Released and free, running nowhere, simply running because it felt better than anything else. Leaping across the grass, arms raised, voice raised. Reaching the fence and running back where I started, finally ready to stop, to walk, to talk, to play. But running came first.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “I Remember”

  1. I had butterflies that day even though it was the first time I would meet you. A friend and I met you at a coffee shop and at the first sight of you my heart fluttered. You were handsome, tall and strong. We called you our pirate-gypsy because of your worldly traits, love of the ocean and all things “scallywag.” We were both equally enamored with you but we knew our fate would be to be friends. The rest of the day was an adventure; a peak in to your heart and soul. Whale watching, boats, and ethnic cuisine. What a day. What a man. We miss you and we will find you again.

  2. I remember the intensity of his blue eyes as he looked at me from across the restaurant table. His luscious lips moved with the cadence of his virile voice—such sweet music to my ears. I remember putting my hand under my chin so as to steady my stare. I remember just staring at his lips and being mesmerized by their movement. I wondered what it would be like to kiss them and enjoy their sweet nectar. Just then, he wiped them with his napkin, and I remember thinking…if only I could be that napkin…

  3. I Remember when the sound of a light switch would awake me. This was the norm on most mornings for nine long weeks. The weeks passed slowly, and the time frame seemed endless. The mental battle was difficult to handle, but it made me strong. I became a US Marine.

  4. I remember the taste of dry, fine dust settling on the dry lips, as you drove up and up , on the spiral road to the top of the mountain.I remember, stopping at every bend , to look down below, at the fast receding city lights, and civilization.You held my hand , and looked at me with increasing joy, at each higher viewing ledge, as if you were happier, each passing bend , to be away from the hub-bub.I remember having shared hot tea, as cold mist, swirled around us, partly hiding us, giving us the privacy we so badly, craved.
    I remember , sliding down the slush -filled mountain path, with my legs in the bush, nervously giggling as you helped me up. I remember the amused glances we received from by standers , and I remember being totally unaffected.

  5. I remember him begging to let him in.I told him to go away , he didn’t listen . as always. It was a family trait not listening to what you have been told to do. He did manage to get his head inside the door even after my best efforts.” please just let me in,” he pleaded . I had to give in finally he held me and let me cry. “Its ok ” those were the last words he ever said to me .. and i just cried and sobbed…………….

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