I couldn’t think of him as a corpse, even though he was obviously dead. He lay slumped among the red and green chili he’d been sorting on a large flatbed trailer. He was a man I knew, spoke to. He was a man I’d called the ambulance to come and save. But he was unsaveable, beyond help. A man – not a corpse.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “Corpse”

  1. On her back with hands folded across her chest, she lay sleeping. He crept into the room, stepping across the squeaky floorboard. He placed the cut lilies gently under her hands. He looked at his handiwork and grinned. He sat down next to the bed to wait for her awakening.

  2. “Are you sure you’re ready for this son?” The coroner asked Lance who was standing across from him in the morgue. Lance nodded and stepped back a few steps as the doctor reached for the handle, opened the metal door and pulled out the metal table. He unzipped the body bag and exposed the upper torso of the corpse

    As Lance stepped closer, tears streamed down his face. It was Camille, his ex-girlfriend. Her beautiful alabaster skin was no more. It had been transformed by death. The noose mark around her neck was evident, and Lance touched it with trembling fingers. He hung his head and cried.

    The doctor approached him and put his arm around his shoulders. “I’m sorry for your loss, son.”

  3. The stench of death was all pervasive. Moment the news spread, people were talking in whispers and avoiding the said corridor.
    The mother, an ardent care-giver, was heart-broken. Slumped against the wall, her wails , heart-rending, loud and sing-song, brought every heart to mouth.
    The corpse lay on the very bed , the patient occupied , all these days. “Packed”,i.e., washed and shrouded ready to be shifted to the morgue.Medical attendants busied themselves at the nursing station , getting the paper -work ready.Additional precautions had to be observed, as this was an HIV case.
    Almost a pariah untouchable, the only person, fearlessly optimistic in her ignorance, was the mother, who believed, she could turn the tables on the fate of her AIDS ridden son .

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