The waitresses knew all the deadbeats – the guys who wanted extra service but never left a tip. They made Maria, the youngest waitress, wait on those customers. Maria knew what was up, but she did it cheerfully anyway. Then she cornered Charlie, the boss, and demanded a raise for doing it. You’ll never believe what happened next.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “Deadbeat”

  1. Deadbeats, all of them, thought the old woman as she shuffled through the mass, clutching her dirty bags tight. The crowd was thick, faces shifting from the blur in sharp relief before quickly turning away. She stopped at the station door and pulled a ragged sign from her bag.

  2. The Godman sat gesticulating and expounding loud wisdom from the “podium”, a ramshackle wooden structure, raised on rickety stilts, and pathetically festooned with garish, zari-bordered , strips of clothes. A large , dusty peacock feather duster, swung slowly , from one corner to the other.
    The “baba” himself was adorned, as loud and garish, as an enthusiastic entrant to a child’s fancy dress competition.
    Facing a forest of tired,dusty, deadbeat faces, upturned in abject indifference.
    Periodically, a wave of enthusiasm would course through, as the crowds parrotted a slogan after a mike-wielding crony at the base of the stage. Most of the time however, the poor kept up their vacant stare. It was a farce , on a huge scale .
    Or as Marx would put it , the people were drugged, with that “opium of the masses.”

  3. He was 37-years-old and had been living an unexamined life. No steady job. no ambitions, no expectations, no plans for the future. He came to the stark, but not earth-shattering conclusion that he was a deadbeat. All his college friends had jobs and had settled down. In his case, what self-respecting woman would give him the time of day? He needed to make a radical change—the decision was a no brainer.

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