Funny cat

So I went to this: Wisdom Sharing. Gloria Steinem told a story about Alice Walker being at her apartment for the weekend. Gloria wondered what her cat would be like if it was as big as Gloria herself. Alice answered, “She would eat you.”

Maybe it’s good to remember that your funny kitty only loves you because you feed her.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “Funny”

  1. The river was in spate.
    Women wore frilly, blinged dresses, with flowing silk, colourful, perfumed dupattas; men wore cowboy hats with that string forever dangling beneath their chins.
    It was a recipe for disaster.
    Women squealed, shrieked, and ‘omg’ ed their way across. Someone’s raw leather shoes were ruined , someone else dropped her Faux -hide bag into the stream , and one lost her dupatta to the fury of monsoon Gods, billowing away into the gray skies.Another sacrificed the gold embroidered hem of her ornate kurta, as it emerged dripping wet, all its golden glory muddied.
    A cowherd, sitting on a mound of green , some distance away , found it really funny.He just kept pointing and slipping into paroxysms of uncontrolled mirth.

  2. Newsflash! Animal rights’ activists protest domesticated pets’ right to reproduce! On Sunday evening cats and dogs marched through the streets holding signs saying “Cruelty=Human Sterilization!”
    “It’s just so awful what human owners do!” stated Mr. Husky, “We already keep them in closed quarters, at least let them keep their genitals!”

  3. Alicia’s granddaughter, Amanda, was all of eight months old, and she found everything funny. Of course, at that young age, children find wonder in everything, and that’s the beauty of innocence.

    Whenever she was taken to a new venue, Amanda would look around as if trying to take in all the new scenery she was immersed in. It was refreshing to watch her place her undivided focus on something that really caught her attention, and Alicia thought this was one of the qualities adults lose during their lifetime. Funny how we take things for granted…

  4. Funny. I used used to have two dogs and Bandit, the 7 year old, suffered from an identity crisis. He thought he was a cat. Or a baby. Or a baby cat. He was really confused as to what he really was. He was a dog. Plain and simple truth.

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