Singing in the Rain

Sing of retreating darkness,
Sing of light,
Sing of buds
Bursting yellow.
Sing of birds
Singing themselves home.
Sing of blue air and warm sun,
Sing of life.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “Sing”

  1. The sun emits rays of warmth today. The young couple walks through the park holding hands grasping their affection and promises of continuity in between their fingers. They will sing of love. A line of 21 men awaiting their beheading on the beach of Libya. They will sing of death.

  2. “Oh! No.”
    “Oh! Yes”!! “I will sing my song.”!! The declaration was made with abandon and a determined look in those small dark eyes.
    “Oh God!! No!!”
    Half the population of the school bus plugged their fingers into their ears. “Jee karda , rab jane mera jee karda”(Lord knows, I feel like it.”)
    It was always “trouble time ” when she decided to sing.
    The driver winced as the loud shrieking hit his ear,the “khalasi”(assistant) got up and gestured threateningly in the brat’s direction.
    A senior boy faked fainting attack, and the girl stopped finally as the tension dissolved into relieved giggles.

  3. Carly loved listening to her male canary break into song when she removed the covering from his cage every morning. It was as if he knew this was his cue to sing—and that he did, and he did it beautifully.

    He always reveled in the new day, and this was evident by the way he jumped from one side of the cage to the other and by the variations in his singing. The songs were never the same and they varied with many crescendos and decrescendos. He became even more excited when the radio was on, for he seemed to like the music emanating from it.

    Now that he was gone, Carly only had the radio to accompany her during breakfast. She missed her canary and his singing, for it had always filled her home with beautiful sounds. It had been her treasured gift, for it had been the last gift her father had given her.

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