For my photography book “Glory” I went to the poorest places in America. I took photos of people and places that reflected the glory of the human spirit not matter how squalid the circumstances of life. It is my favorite book of all 27 of my photography books.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

2 thoughts on “Glory”

  1. “The “Gora Sahib” came riding his white steed.Along with him came two “bobbies” with red tall hats , bobbing through the green fields. That , my child, was glory.
    They used to come and sit in this very verandah, where the cool air would comfort them , and they discussed matters of grave concern, with me, over cups of hot chai.
    Then the “gora Sahib’ would light up his tobacco pipe and take a round of the village.
    All the villagers were scared to death.”
    Here the old man chuckled with devilish glee, and rubbed his hands.
    Fortunately, spasms of rickety, senile cough would cut the “Gora” story short, and we could let the “glory”be.

  2. Ever since she could remember, Gloria had gone by the nickname of Glory. In her case, this moniker was befitting to her personality since she was always happy, enthusiastic and optimistic. She was also considered to have developed into a beautiful young woman. She knew this, yet didn’t flaunt it.

    Her circle of friends was composed of only a few individuals, but they were”true blue” and their relationship dated back to her grammar school days. They did everything together, but now that college was on the radar, each was taking on a different direction. Glory would be the glue that would hold everyone together; she had always been and she would continue to be the binding force within the group.

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