I used to wake up starving when I was a kid. Now I wake up wanting coffee. Okay. Needing coffee. I own up to the addiction. Breakfast can wait. Breakfast is mainly something I eat so the coffee and the handful of pills I have to take every morning don’t upset my stomach too much. My relationship with breakfast is shifting from love to necessity.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

7 thoughts on “Breakfast”

  1. Breakfast is the first thing I think about when I wake up. Breakfast and getting that sweet sweet caffeinated nectar into my veins. Coffee, that is. The routine was magical and grounding. Wednesdays completely scrap it all for the bettering of my business to go to a networking group an hour away. Taking one for the team means taking away my favorite part of the day.

  2. Breakfast and all kinds of food are a yes yes for me. I love coffee and tea especially with milk and sugar but unfortunately they are not meant to be. So I console myself with eating healthy each day- some days its khus khus, some days quinoa, some days millet and some days chicken and salad. Everything seems so bland but I am glad I have plenty to eat and plenty to choose from.

  3. I’m vertical at 4 am, but I need a coffee infusion before the mind gets moving enough to make breakfast for the hubby and me. Coffee happens, then there’s toasted raisin bran muffin or bagel for me, egg-frittatas for hubby. And more coffee. And by 6 am we are on the road, listening to news, drinking his first and my 2nd cuppa, and trying not to get crumbs all over the car’s front seat as we zoom towards the city and our day.

  4. Man, if there’s anything that puts a smile on my face, it’s the word breakfast. The word conjures up memories, smells, and that one eggs benedict with smoked salmon that changed my life. For me it’s almost a luxury. A thing you do on vacations or leisurely weekends, when you don’t have deadlines to meet or too many errands to run. A banana and a mediocre cuppa Joe at the office is the norm, until you’re just aching to eat that cup of noodles or bag of lettuce for “lunch.” What a sad existence it is without having time to sit in the patio at your favorite café, rain or shine, and enjoy the perfect cup of organic fair trade coffee, hot; swirled with cream and raw sugar. You hear the birds chirp and nearby conversations about last night. You notice the lovely gal or fella holding a plate hoping it’s yours because the growl of your stomach is relentless and the taste of whiskey, still on your tongue, needs to be banished. The steam from your poached eggs almost brings a tear to your eyes and the smell of maple syrup is a thing of stardust dreams. You eye the almond crusted French toast as you make your way through the creamy yolk and unctuous salmon, perfectly paired with the spice of red onion and sweet airy disks of toasted dough. It’s magical, it’s delicious, it’s breakfast.

  5. Breakfast is coffee, right? With the occasional granola bar? Maybe.

    Or is breakfast for dinner? When it’s a lazy Sunday, especially during the winter, nothing is better than golden French toast with sticky syrup, sizzling bacon, and sweet orange juice for dinner. It fills you up, makes you warm, keeps you comfortable.

    Or is breakfast those fluffy pancakes that you get while on vacation, and have time to linger in the morning? Pancakes, fruit, coffee, toast . . . the works.

    Or, in the end, is breakfast just a cup of coffee?

    Sure. Why not?

  6. “Come and have your breakfast.”
    No sweeter words could have ever been uttered.
    The kids panted into the kitchen.Large, oversized,parathas dripping with grease, huge bowls of curd,stuffed omelets with tomato sauce and the optional cornflakes.
    Steaming coffee exuded fragrance , reminding them of home , instantly.
    “Thank God.Today is not a salad day.”Whispered one to the other, licking butter off her fingers, before the food disappeared .
    Some days are devoted to just “sickly, green stuff”, today wasn’t.

  7. Breakfast. I consider it the most important meal of the day. It energizes you to tackle the tasks of the day, especially if you eat a nutritious one. My ideal morning meal would consist of silver dollar pancakes slathered in butter and maple syrup, a side of wheat toast with butter, scrambled eggs with tabasco sauce, orange juice and coffee. Of course, this is not consumed on a daily basis. I indulge in having my ideal breakfast only once in a blue moon.

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