The lunch of my childhood was a study in what not to eat. Fried bologna. (Fried in bacon grease left over from breakfast.) White bread slathered with mayonnaise. A huge stack of salt-laden potato chips. A glass of whole milk. Now that I’m all grown up and know better than to eat that way, I’m not any healthier. Hmmm. Maybe I’ll have fried bologna for lunch today.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “Lunch”

  1. Lunch for me is a plateful of salad, mostly vegetables and some proteins like tuna or chicken. I try to avoid eating rice but I must confess rice does beckon me through the glass counter. At home, my lunch would consist of a khus khus dish or something made of millet flour. As you can see I try to eat according to the latest dietary guidelines. They don’t suit my palate or my purse but everyone says they are good for me ; so they must be.

  2. Alexandra approached the sushi counter and decided to sit down for lunch. The round creations looked so fresh and appetizing, she felt good about indulging herself. Waiting for her order to arrive, she felt her cell phone vibrating in the pocket of her blazer. It was a text from her office. Why were they bothering her during her lunch hour? She decided not to answer as she saw the waiter coming her way with the tray of food she had ordered. She was ready to enjoy her food before heading back to the office.

  3. He told me to meet him for lunch at a little spot across from his apartment. I pulled up to find the perfect parking spot right on the curb of the bistro that, according to him, has the best cobb salad. As I started rummaging in my purse for coins to feed the parking meter, I spotted him grabbing the perfect corner table. I walked up to him and said, “I don’t eat bacon… or chicken.” He chuckled, “Hi,” and stood up so we could embrace. “We can ask them to take it out,” he ended his sentence with a smirk. His smile was better than bacon or any gourmet salad could ever be. We looked at each other and knew this lunch meeting was just a front for what we both really wanted.

  4. “Lunch time!!!”
    The bell rang incessantly for five minutes ,the jarring ding-dong breaking the spell of whatever was going on in the classroom.
    Rice would be boiling on the fire, emitting that welcoming fragrance , loved all over by rice eaters.Maa would emit an involuntary exclamation of pleasure at the sight of me , peering into the pot, instantly fogging my glasses.

    “You are early!”
    “No I am not , maa. You heard the bell ring didn’t you?”

    There was no time to strain all that rice. So , I was served two large helpings of moist, steaming, still watery rice, and tadka-less daal.A dollop of pickle to make up for the vegetables , that still lay raw in the large “parat”.
    Lunch was a hurried affair, but served with lots of love , and I felt blessed as I made my way back to school, hissing due to routinely burnt tongue !!

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