Desert games II

The adults used the tires to build things – useful things: walls, shoes, containers of many sizes and shapes, stairways. The children made toys of the tires when they weren’t pressed into service helping to cut the thick rubber into strips for their parents projects. The adults didn’t know who had driven into the desert and dumped a truck load of tires, but they were not going to let a single bit of the rubber go to waste.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

6 thoughts on “Tire”

  1. She dragged her feet down the hallway toward the elevator elated that it was time to go home. It had been a brutal day at the office, and she was hoping to just crash when she got home. As she approached her car, she noticed the front driver side tire was flat. She slammed her briefcase against the deflated tire while at the same time hurting all sorts of expletives at the car. What else could go wrong? It seemed as if the universe were against her today, and she knew she was on the losing end.

  2. The gates had, since long, clanged shut.
    The guy ‘manning’ the railway crossing had diligently taken his position at the small cemented platform, with his grimy green flag in hand.
    The train hooted somewhere in the distance, invisible in the morning mist.
    People on scooters, bicycles and foot , continued to cross the tracks, executing acrobatics beneath the yellow and black painted bars.
    A pair of young boys suddenly appeared. Playing with an old bicycle tire , between them both, they took turns to beat it with sticks , as it rolled down the tracks, wobbling between pedestrians feet and , on one occasion resting on someone’s gunny sack,prompting a volley of abuses.
    The train hooted alarmingly close by, the tracks were almost deserted, except for the boys and their
    wretched tire. The guard stopped mid-spittle and screamed a high pitched expletive, as a dark shape loomed up , whistling ear-splittingly.
    The boys froze on the tracks, their precious tire rolled to its side , right in the path of the thundering train.,..

  3. When I saw the word “tire,” the verb came to mind, not the noun. Here is my interpretation…

    You enjoy squeezing out every grain of charm from my every inspiration. You tire me. You’re not playful in the way I need you to be and always tell me I’m negative when I get cross with you. You reflect your own dissatisfaction with our relationship and the course of your life onto me and call me negative. What an arrogant asshole you have revealed yourself to be. How dare you waste my time, my youth, and my body— for your own selfish agenda. You wanted a wife, a family, a child, power, money…acceptance from the unknown… in pursuit of the latter you lost the former. I hope you’re happy.

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