Jump Rope

Jumping Rope

She jumped rope in the living room, twacking the carpet over and over with the rope, unleashing dust motes that glinted in the sun that streamed through the windows. Five minutes. Ten minutes. After fifteen minutes she finally stopped jumping. Then the sneezing started.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “Jump Rope”

  1. “That’s terrible, Brian!” yelled the training coach at the young pugilist. “Are you going to concentrate and jump rope or do you wanna pack it up and get out of my gym? Waste your time, not mine, OK?”

    The boxer shook his bowed head and started the routine once again while trying to remain focused on a poster by the wall closest to his trainer’s office. The pain in his right leg had intensified while jumping, and he was breaking out in a cold sweat.

    The only thing running through his mind were the reverberating words of the doctor he had visited that morning. The news of the unexpected diagnosis kept resonating in his head—”You may lose your leg, Brian.”

  2. They raised small dust clouds as they played contentedly, on the patch outside their home.
    “Eik, dooo, teeeen.’
    Went the sing-song counting, as the girls jumped rope.The rope flying down and smacking the ground ,with a crack, like a whip-lash.
    Cheeks flushed, pigtails flying, skirt bobbing up and down with heaving chests and thumping hearts. No one noticed Sheena quietly climbing the cement verandah, and sitting in the corner, hugging her knees, doleful eyes looking out at the scene with all the longing and sadness that a child’s heart can harbour.
    No one noticed a trickle of tear flowing steadily to her sticky knee, where she had rested her chin.

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