Mariana could skip. She was an expert at skipping. She skipped wherever she went. It was faster than walking, more fun than running, and felt celebratory to her. Even when she was going somewhere awful, like to her piano lessons, it was fun to get there if she skipped.

That’s why I noticed when I saw her walking down the sidewalk . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

2 thoughts on “Skip”

  1. …when I saw her walking down the sidewalk I noticed that she had a limp. I pondered for a moment how well she dealt with her handicap. Even at her young age, Mariana was one of those people who had made the best out of what life had handed down to her. She had not been the only person I had encountered who had the determination and daring to deal with her situation in a very positive way. This commonality with others faced with a different disabilities was what made Mariana strong.

  2. “You say you skipped your breakfast.”
    Unable to speak, she dumbly nodded her head, a trickle of spittle drooling at the corner of the mouth; before another wave of nausea caused her to quickly bend over the washbasin, retching loudly.
    “Is it true?Or are you hiding some thing ?”
    Another shake of the head. Still bent at the washbasin , she felt indignation rise inside her , as the implication of those words hit home.
    “What the ..?
    Rinsing the mouth quickly, she turned and wiped her hands and mouth on the white towel that always smelt of carbolic soap, fixing the speaker with a stare to remember.

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