Napping Skills

Hello! Everyone ready for a nap? I’m here to help you with your napping skills. Let’s get started.

Skill 1: Don’t stretch out on the couch minutes before the dryer will buzz.

Skill 2: No matter how hot and thirsty you are, don’t drink iced coffee late in the afternoon.

Skill 3: If it’s chilly, be sure your blanket is adequate.

Skill 4: Make sure the dog has already been outside.

Have a great nap!

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

8 thoughts on “Napping Skills”

  1. She was so exhausted; some late nights with friends and her restless baby on others made her the zombie she had become. Her son was with grandma and her friends wouldn’t play until much later. It was somewhat of a peaceful Monday afternoon, even though she was plagued with a deep inner anxiety; was it because she missed her baby boy or the utter indifference she was being treated with from the one she used to love. She lay down and closed her eyes. She opened them again and twiddled around on her phone. She exhaled deeply, turned around and closed her eyes. She sat up and grabbed her journal to write a few ideas down for poetry, screen plays, etc. She put it back down and lay again. Her eyes wide open, yet tired. “I need some fucking napping skills.” She sat up impatient, “I’m just not a napper.” She got up and headed to the kitchen to rummage for a snack before heading out to the gym.

  2. A bright street light, a mile away , shone through the fabric of her thick curtain.
    A nocturnal animal, awake , like her, scampered across the mass of un-raked dead leaves in the courtyard.A horn hooted light years away. The fabric of the quilt gathered under her chin in a suffocating mass.
    Her daughter, lying next to her, exhaled a large sigh in her slumber, right into her face.
    “I should sleep now, I should sleep now,” she chanted in her head, like a mantra.
    But sleep eluded her. She had poor napping skills. Padding in her socks , she sat on the carpet, cross-legged, with her favourite, pre-war novella, breathing in the dark air of the somnolent night, reluctant to switch on the lamp.

  3. Meghan’s dog, Tristan, had his napping skills down pat. He was one of those big breeds, and their proclivity was to sleep if they were bored or not being entertained. Wherever there was a mat or rug, you’d find Tristan. He wold always look for his comfort since he had been spoiled as a pup, but Meghan didn’t mind. Once he hunkered down, he would sleep contentedly, but being the watchdog that he was, he woud be on all fours when he heard an unfamiliar sound. Once he investigated the origin of the sound and knew that all was fine, he’d return to his spot and plop back to his sleeping position.

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