Sandstone, limestone, clay

She’s wandering about the country looking for paradise. Someplace where the sky is clear enough to see the Milky Way. Someplace where there aren’t many people around, but civilization isn’t hard to find. Someplace where the view out the window is an awesome and inspiring natural sight. Are there any paradises left?

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “Paradise”

  1. She found paradise in the kitchen that morning. She stood in front of an open window, sipped sweet, freshly brewed, Columbian coffee. She had nothing to do today but thoughts of the ocean and her aficionado’s kiss danced in her head. A breeze came through that signified spring was on the cusp of the season. She closed her eyes and took in the crisp air. The oxygen she breathed in smelled of Jasmine, her favorite. The leaves of a nearby tree flickered and the birds called out to their lovers. A smile crept over her mouth and her peace of mind, even for a moment, would make Gandhi jealous. She lost herself in the moment and became the zephyr.

  2. Paradise for her lay in her first class, every day in the morning.
    After the kids had settled down, she had cleared her throat, and written the name of the new chapter on the blackboard, that is where her entire days’ quota of happiness lay. In those few priceless moments.
    The anticipation, the freshness of a new day, and its dazzling promise.That is where she gained all her happiness from.She loved being a teacher, and even the kids knew it.
    She loved her students and they loved her right back. She knew all the faces by their names, their quirks and foibles, their familial problems, everything.
    Percy Bysshe Shelley was a very inadequate way out, but she was glad for the English language and its labyrinths , wherein one may lose oneself, or escape.

  3. Getting away to one of the islands in the Caribbean was her idea of getting her slice of paradise. Sunny and relaxing mornings, busy afternoons and lazy, cool evenings. Every six months, this was her destination, and as the time approached, the exhilaration factor incremented on a daily basis. Her arrival to the island resort was the culmination point and the beginning of her countdown to ten days of pure bliss. The breaking free from the daily grind was her great escape.

  4. He loved going to Las Vegas, a place he said, where everything was “heavenly”;
    the beautiful, extremely colorful casino hotels inside and out, and palm trees
    and greenery everywhere. In this “heaven” of his, he LOVED gambling,
    saying “When I play craps, my hand holds a PARADISE! (pair of dice)!”

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