I Heard

I heard the caged bird sing. I heard the train outside the Whistle Stop Cafe. I heard the crow speak “nevermore.” I heard the mountains echo. I heard the whispering wings of the monarchs. I heard all that in the pages of a book. All that I heard and felt and thought inside those books makes my life richer, fuller, happier.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “I Heard”

  1. “Youuuu, boooooy!!” “Yaaaaah, youuuuuu!” The shout floated across the huge , dusty play ground, which was empty except for two young , football enthusiasts dribbling in the midfield, their dust-coated sneakers, a shade of despicable brown.
    One stopped, and shading his eyes , from the slanting rays of afternoon sun, looked in the direction of the voice. He spotted an elderly, dhoti-clad man striding purposefully this way.
    The other boy continued his lone dribbling, nonchalantly.
    “He is calling you!!”The younger one ran up to his rebellious mate and whispered loudly.
    “I heard.”
    Was his clear answer, as he continued his footwork with temerity……..

  2. The scream. The scream there it was again. Just like it has always been since Daniel could remember. He just wished the angel-makers would finish their work, but he knew the work was never over. Not that he wanted to help. So he rolled over and wrapped the pillow around his head. It was a wonder that the screams still work him up. But the demonic screams would forever send chills crawling down his back. His goosebumps and prickled hairs would stay, sometimes for an hour, even while the screams no longer ripped through the night.

  3. As I sat in the kitchen enjoying my cup of Java this morning, I heard the familiar sounds of one of J. S. Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos wafting from my favorite radio station. It’s the morning Bach—a daily ritual. As I listened to the familiar chords, I allowed its soothing sounds to flow over me like a gentle breeze after a cooling summer rainfall.

    Entranced by the beauty of this music, I pondered on the fact that these compositions, which were written in the 18th century, still hold so much relevance in this present day and age for so many classical music lovers. For me, it sets the tone for the day.

  4. I heard the enormous, soft wings beating slowly against the wooden slab of the door. Thud-thud-thud, with that ancient weight behind them. I pushed my head down into my shaking arms to muffle the hideous sounds, but I knew that it would never give up, never tire, never leave.

    (Okay, so it was only 49.) 🙂

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