I remember a great day with the family, running around Austin and having fun. We stopped at Amy’s Ice Cream to both enjoy the ice cream and appreciate the antics of the help behind the counter.

Loud music was playing. The younger members of the family got up and danced an abandoned jitterbug right there in the ice cream store. A beautiful memory.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “Jitterbug”

  1. They lit up every evening with their wild energy, throwing colorful limbs about the room. The war was over and nothing could pin them down—not even the empty places at dinner. They were young and thrilled with the joy of being sizzlingly alive instead of in the cold earth.

  2. Dancing is fun?
    You mosh and swing your limbs about. Yet somehow, it ends up beautiful. How? I don’t know.
    I’m in on a little secret.
    Dancing makes me anxious- the people watching are judgmental.
    I’m anxious, I’m shaky.
    That’s why this one’s called Jitterbug.

  3. His tiny frame would tremble, shiver and shake.
    Barefoot ,clad in an oversized shirt and someone else’s shorts dripping down below his bony knees, he would hop, skip, jump and pirouette; out of no fancy reason. The jitterbug.
    Perhaps he was just happy being alive in a land cursed with the plague of poverty and need.
    He would spill water from his bucket, or scatter precious grocery on the path; but wasn’t deterred. The song in his head was loud enough to drown the clamour of the wretched living realities.
    He would bring long forgotten smile to lips caked with the dust of misery, people would nod and shake their head at the sight of him.
    He would, for a moment; let them live and breathe free, and rejoice in the glory of Lord’s creation

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