Down by the Sea, Huanchacho

Many decades ago, when I was in high school, we learned to waltz and square dance in P.E. class. Dancing was deemed that essential by the school system. There I was, a very tall girl, prancing about the gym floor with boys a foot shorter than me, making square patterns of footsteps in 3 quarter time. But you know what? If you asked me to waltz today, I bet I could do it.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “Waltz”

  1. Cole Black closed his eyes and mentally pushed himself away from the acrid smells of anxiety and sweat that surrounded him. He telepathically linked to his helmet’s audio player and started Strauss’ The Blue Danube. He let it slowly wash over him, but when it really began, so did he.

  2. The party was long over.
    People grabbed their plates and ladled food, hurriedly masticating, and talking in whispers, for it was close to midnight, and womenfolk , especially, needed to be back home , with their kids.
    The band kept playing a slow number, and the two, the inseparable, drunken duo, continued to waltz.
    Like zombies , or tired fireflies, they were twirling, moving, swaying,almost sensuously.
    And they were in serious trouble. Their boss watched them, chewing furiously, as they danced oblivious.
    It didn’t help that they were both, bachelors.

  3. Carmen walked away from the dance floor as the band announced they were going on a short break. She sprinted to the bar and ordered an amaretto sour. It was tart and cold; just the way she liked it. It was then she saw her grandfather sitting all alone at the table staring out into the empty stage with brooding eyes.

    Spotting the band’s singer, Carmen walked over to the band’s table and asked if she could speak to him. As she was making her request, she looked over to where her grandfather was sitting and waved to him. Carmen then started in the direction of her grandfather. She kissed his bald head, pulled the empty chair next to him and sat down.

    “Hey, grandpa! I have to say you’re the handsomest man of this whole party! So why are you looking so sullen? As he was about to answer, the familiar sounds of Shostakovich’s Waltz No. 2 began to play.

    Carmen stood and stretched out her hand. “I know how much you love waltzes, grandpa, so will you do me the honor of dancing this one with me?”

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