A gorgeous woman walked into my office. She looked about 40, dark hair, dark eyes, luscious light brown skin. She wore a skirt that flipped up around the bottom and a blouse with a scooped neck. She wore very high heels. She looked like she was born to salsa dance with a handsome man beside her.

I knew how to salsa dance.

“Hi,” I said. “How can I help you?” She came up to the counter that separated us. Before she had a chance to open her mouth, I said, “Would you like to go salsa dancing on Friday night?”

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

One thought on “Salsa”

  1. Lila had turned up the kitchen radio when she heard the salsa music playing. The sound of the percussion instruments energized her, and she felt every cell in her body come alive to the contagious rhythm emanating from the radio. She then proceeded in preparing that evening’s meal.

    She felt inspired, and as she sautéed the seasoned meat in the skillet, her hips swayed to the pounding beat coming from the drums and the blare of the trumpets and trombones. At that point, her body had a mind of its own that moved rhythmically to the driving beat. The focus was the music and nothing else, to the point that she didn’t even hear her husband walk in.

    He stood by the kitchen entrance and leaned against the wall watching Lila intently. She was startled and came to a complete halt when she turned and saw him standing there with a lascivious smile on his face. “Please don’t stop. I love to see you dance.”

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