The Bad News

“I just bumped the garage door a b-bit,” he said. “It barely bent.”

“That sounds like the bad news to me,” I said, getting to my feet and dusting the dirt off my hands.

“Well,” he shuffled his feet in a parody of agony, “the bad news is actually that the door is stuck half way open because Tony wanted to see if it would still work.”

I tried to level him with a stare, but realized he has grown taller than me. “Let’s stroll down there and I’ll take a look. Do Tony’s folks know?”

. . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

2 thoughts on “The Bad News”

  1. The sound of the bad news lingered in the air like an offense to her aural sense. It cut through her like a knife—its serrated edge leaving behind only shreds and tatters of her emotions. Nikki would never be able to conceive. This had been her last chance, and she knew it. She had to come to terms with the reality she would never be able to bring forth to the world a part of her and her husband, and she put her hands to her face and wept…

  2. “Hello! Where are you?” Are you at home ?”
    It started off so innocuously.How was one suppose to fathom the immensity of bad news that was to follow later?
    “Daddy is no more.”
    She thought she didn’t hear it right.When she did, it was with a surreal feeling. As if a fog had descended. Voices and sights became blurred, and her throat was choked by a sudden, large lump.
    It was so sudden. As if a punch had been landed, in the pit of the stomach.

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