Stop, Drop, and Write


New rule: no more driving the car in a creative trance. No more writing scenes in your head about fictional people while behind the wheel. That means, when inspiration hits, I have to pull over somewhere, stop the car, type on the iPad until the moment passes, and then drive when I’m attending to reality once again.

Please leave a comment with your first 50 words on the topic “stop, drop, and write” or on some topic suggested by the image.

Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

8 thoughts on “Stop, Drop, and Write”

  1. Stop drop and write-50 (or 60)words
    As a life time day dreamer and amateur wordsmith I have experienced such out of body excursions like you describe. These excursions can occur at any time, without warning; while driving, reading, watching TV or even during conversations with others. I can make up a whole story during an episode of Big Bang Theory based on something said by one of the characters but forget about it by the next commercial. So maybe it is time for me to take your sage advice and stop (pause the tv?) and write these daydreams down!

  2. Stop, drop and write. Important words to heed in order to capture a fleeting idea that enters your mind at an inopportune time. In my case, I need to jot it down in order to seize exactly the thought formulated at that particular moment, otherwise it would be lost. Therefore, I always have access to small pads in my purse, my car, my night table and elsewhere throughout the house for this particular purpose—jotting these thoughts as they arise for further development later on.

  3. You asked for nothing ever, my furry friend. I tried to make you comfortable, tried to encourage any and all assertive responses on your behalf, but you asked for nothing, ever. Surely you had needs, needs I tried to anticipate, often without success. Eating was easy. Anyone can plan for and prepare meals at regular intervals. Physical attention was less predictable. Clearly, you love attention. Massage, petting, rubbing, and snuggling are widely accepted, on MOST occasions. It is the one out of 150 occasions, when you give me that “Back off Norman Bates!” look that leave me confused. Still, you give me that incredible, tender corgi gaze that one reserves for nothing short of the president, or the second coming of Christ, all while asking so little of your mere mortal. Then, finally today, you and I connected, in one weird, sick, yucky way, you fighting an intestinal upset, me, fighting a deadline. You became weirdly, wildly demanding. You learned to bark! Loudly! I, sadly human, became oddly compliant, taking you outside at the very first bark, every few minutes, regardless of need. At times I was grateful you spoke up and we made it outside just in time to eliminate a grossly loose stool. Other times I felt laughed at and used as you sat, smugly, watching flora and fauna with an obvious smirk. Who, in the end, will reign. As of this hour, dinner hour, we have reached a stalemate. I am still dressed in the pajamas from last night. I crave a shower, and I have papers due at school, but you, apparently, have needs. I suspect the midnight hour will cement our respective places in this sweet symbiotic relationship. I weigh less than 120 lbs. and you weigh less than 25 lbs. My brain weighs eight pounds, according to Jerry Maguire. Your brain is likely less than one pound. Still, I plan to sleep on the couch tonight, in case you need to go out. I will keep your leash and my coat close and my boots beside me just in case. Well played, Sully. Well-played!

    1. Bish bash bosh a keyboard mosh. Cowboy boots in a field of squash. iPad eyes on imagined lives. Dancing word hoard wild and wise. Profane insane a writerly game. Trickster’s twists take heroic risks and paper and pen make obelisks of asterisks. For: an adventure filled page is a happy page so tip tap type away..

  4. Words are like
    a pilfered fortune
    some stay with you
    some don’t.

    In your waking hours
    in your sleep
    in the twilight zone
    in between sheets

    an idea, preposterous
    nascent, nebulous
    is like the fluttering
    of a gossamer wing

    May be gone the
    next moment
    like a smile hovering
    on lips, truant

    so, stop,
    drop, and write
    lest the epiphany

    and serendipity

    1. Pampapam2, what you wrote is absolutely beautiful, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to comment on it. You’ve captured beautifully the fleeting nature of words. Bravo!

  5. Stop, Drop, and Write. This is what a serious writer must think to accomplish intended goals. The writer must stop procrastination, drop to a seat, and write. To stop procrastination, discipline and will power must be exercised. This is the important first step. Then you will drop and write well.

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