All Aboard

“All right, folks, listen up.” The editor mounted the rolling stairs leading to the magic pencil ride. “Just a few reminders before you strap in for the ride. First, there are no guarantees about what you will write after your ride. Second, the story you see on the ride may not be in your usual genre. Finally, be sure you tighten your seat belt securely. It’s a wild ride.”

He looked over the motley group of writers below him. “Any questions.” There were none, so he shouted, “All aboard,” and stepped out of the way.

Please leave a comment with your first 50 words on the topic “all aboard.”


Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

One thought on “All Aboard”

  1. Eleazar stood on the empty train station platform with his hands in his pockets. The train’s caboose was barely visible now. He felt devoid of any sensation and wasn’t able to move from his spot. Carla had left and hadn’t even waved good-bye. The only thing resonating in his head was the conductor’s piercing words of “All aboard!”

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