Words are old-fashioned. Everything is visual now. Everything is images. Words take too much time. Now it’s Instagram, Snapchat, quick video, the preview, the first look. Words, reading, long thoughts are anachronisms from a bygone era. TL;DR is today’s style – we can’t even use actual words to express the thoughts, we use abbreviations.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

7 thoughts on “Words”

  1. I love words, but there is something tiring about how fast everything moves. Today, I’d happily swap computer for a paperback, comfort of a chair for a place in the sun and the busyness of the internet for wildlife outside my door. No spoken word, no facebook. Just silence.

  2. Words are bound editions
    of boundless emotion
    words are coarse definitions of
    what ceases to be infinite
    words are stray forays
    into attempts to limit
    the limitless
    words give body
    to soul and the spirit
    at times the capturing
    is apt , precise , masterly
    at other times
    you are left
    clutching sand
    that runs quickly
    through your fingers

  3. Words are beautiful, expressed through a lilting voice, a warm hug, or written in purple pen on pretty stationary: “You are kind and caring. I’m grateful to have you in my life. I love you.”

    Words are hateful, harmful, hidden behind harsh whispers and hands: “Look at the way her stomach hangs over her pants. Look at her fat arms. She’s so gross.”


    Comfortable blankets or weapons of destruction.

  4. Words are so undeniably powerful. They help us express ourselves in the best way possible yet they also fail us many times. We try to find a way to perfect what we want to say when sometimes we should just simply speak. Words leave imprints on whoever we are communicating with, no matter if the words we have chosen are negative or positive.

  5. The usage of words separates us from the animal kingdom, but at times, actions speak louder than words. We all know that our relationship with domestic animals is quite taciturn, but we’re able to understand their needs if we’re well in tuned with them. This wonderful bond between humans and animals is special and for the animal lovers out there, it’s well understood.

  6. Words are better for me when written. I like to get my thoughts down and be accurate. I’m not so good at speaking them. They come out in the wrong order or expose the pieces of me that I don’t want to share; when spoken. Words should be chosen carefully and considered more by listeners. I don’t like them shortened or I unpunctuated. Is that a word?

  7. Words are tools used to express thoughts and sentiments. They imply what we need and sometimes what is wanted. The proper words in either situation are critical. The way we use them will enhance or diminish opportunity. The significance is that words must be used wisely when written or spoken.

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