Just Add Water

These days when I look at my tree, I see 15 bags of leaves

I can never water my trees enough. It’s the desert where I live. I’ve killed many trees because I didn’t water them enough. So when my peach tree started looking peaked I asked the tree doctor what was wrong with it. I thought it would be some horrible disease. Nope. Just add water. Poor baby is thirsty.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “Just Add Water”

  1. “Just add water.” The directions on the back of that cake box. “Just add water”-the directions on any number of items that we consume daily. In my case, “just add water” is the first thing I do every morning when I mix my healthy, wonderful protein shake for the day.

  2. I love cacti because you just add water to these plants only once a month. At least, that’s my regimen with them. They’re easy to take care of and don’t demand much of your time. Some of them are very colorful and very beautiful, but also very spiny. My take on this is: in nature, things of beauty need to have devices in order to protect themselves.

  3. “Just add water”
    “Added. Now what?”
    She looked at me askance.
    “Stir it, then steam it in moulds.”

    My daughter’s first idli. From a packet, telling you exact amount of water, oil and steaming time. Goodbye hard work.Goodbye overnight soaking, grinding, fermenting, waiting. Goodbye patience and all the other good things . Want to eat an idli. Cool. Pick a packet off the shelf, and “Just add water.” How I hate those words!!

    They may have made life easier, but the romance is missing. So much of ease, is it good?

  4. Her mouth and throat were as cracked as the red clay outside her kitchen window, the ground under the bay window that never got the rain.
    “Water,” she gasped. “Please!”
    “Not until after surgery.”
    But what if there was no “after,” and she never tasted cold, clear heaven again?

  5. Lifetimes full, tender and cared for. Stir occasionally and don’t let it boil over. Watch closely, too much is bad, too little is bad.

    Caring for children is like that. You can just add water and watch them grow, but it must be the most precise amount. Always.

    I’m not fail-proof.

    Sometimes I forget the stirring to avoid over bubbling. Sometimes I add too much or too little.

    Just add water. Life is never that simple. So much can still go wrong.

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