Airtight. Airtight. Her mind raced. Airtight. She didn’t know why, but she was sure the container needed to be airtight.

She raced to the kitchen, pawed through plastic bags, aluminum foil, old mayonnaise jars. Finally she grabbed a plastic bag and ran back to the bedroom, where Ed still screamed in the bed.

With two fingers, she felt among the bloody goo for Ed’s . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “Airtight”

  1. She heard the familiar “swoosh” sound as she cut open the airtight coffee bag. The delicious smell of the caramel nut flavored coffee instantly reached her nose, and it was strong enough to arouse her.

    She shuffled over to the coffee pot and went through the mechanical motions of preparing a fresh pot of coffee. As it perked, the smell permeated the kitchen, and she prepared a setting in her kitchen nook to enjoy an early morning breakfast.

    She had planned her morning, and this was a good way to start it. Having that extra kick from the caffeine would help her focus. It would certainly set the pace for her day.

  2. “Wham!!Wham!”
    “Order!Order!” The judge pounded the gavel on the large shiny table.
    The murmur instantly died down. All faced the table, with expectant faces.A few flashbulbs went off , almost by reflex.
    “Humph! Press-wallahs! Who allows them in , in the first place?” She thought to herself, as she smoothened her sari, waiting for the announcement.”This had better be good.” She was scared to even look back at the defendant’s family, the criminal-types! What possessed her to take this case in the first place ? A defeat might mean loss of career; nay, life even. She gulped hard,
    “The case is airtight.” The judge announced.
    She felt terror flutter at the pit of her stomach.
    Already she could feel the accusatory stares of “You did nothing to defend him” burning into the back of her uniform….

  3. When they come, I will simply explain. Simply, so they cannot mistake me. She simply was retaliating, angered at her punishment of the grounding that would follow for the duration of her suspension from school.

    Suspension and grounding well deserved! Caught with pot in the school bathroom. 4/20 indeed!

    I just sat and listened quietly while the 15 year old looked up and dialed the number for CPS and reported me for neglect. She blackmailed me, told me she would call if I didn’t let her see her friends tonight. As if!

    Wouldn’t the neglect be more if I had done nothing? Gave no consequences? Surely the 5 cigarettes I had given her in the past wouldn’t derail everything I’ve been working for. Blackmail. So my explanations must be airtight. My home must be airtight. My children and decisions and their/my behavior must be airtight!

    I wait, my lungs airtight, for the knock at the door.

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