We could hear him – a woodpecker – each time he stopped in the neighbor’s back yard to peck at their wooden play structure. Janelle would jump up from where she was playing and run to the yard. She would stand at the fence, eyes peering between the pickets into the neighbor’s yard, and watch the little brown bird make a big noise with his beak.

When he flew away, she returned to the house to announce, “Mommy, I saw a woodpecker.”

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “Woodpecker”

  1. Woodpecker conjures up pictures of the cartoon Woody Woodpecker. As a child that was my only reference point when it came to the bird; so when I saw my first ‘real’ woodpecker I was both awed and annoyed. The darn thing had chosen the side of our house to peck!

  2. Was she really so hollow? Sunlight streaming in through a sparkling clean window, casting the beams right through her ears. I could see that from the front of the classroom, splashing onto the desk next to her. You could hear the echo of the woodpecker perched upon her head, bouncing off the hallowed walls.

  3. She calls me once
    I can hear her
    but she can’t
    she is hard of hearing
    you see; the type
    where God takes
    the senses away
    one by one
    ears, then eyes
    so as to
    soften the final
    blow, perhaps
    deaden the impact
    cushion the fall
    by now, the panic button
    has been pressed
    like a possessed
    she beats out
    a frantic tattoo
    of my name
    like a wretched
    chant,over and
    over again.

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