The Keyboard

The history lesson of my life begins with typewriters. The kind with keys you pushed down about an inch and only had one font. Then electric typewriters came along with more sensitive keys that you barely touched. The keys on my laptop are not something you pound. But it’s the keyboard on a phone or a tablet that astounds. Tiny letters – still arranged like a qwerty keyboard – defy the fingers and create a brand of humor that is a manifestation of auto correct.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

7 thoughts on “The Keyboard”

  1. The key to happiness. A sounding board of thoughts, of feelings. Few things in life make me feel as happy and fulfilled as a keyboard these days. I love to see what it produces daily, for my perusal, not only into others souls and minds, but into mine. Pure joy.

  2. “Of course you can use it. But good luck.” He smirked, closed all of the windows from which he was reading Wikipedia articles and finding new podcasts to listen to while doing calisthenics, and pulled a chair up for me to sit. I looked down at the keyboard. The keys were not in the right place. While I pecked away like an eight-year-old in typing class, he spoke about how this keyboard is actually more efficient than the one mindless ‘sheeple’ use. I didn’t rest my elbows on the desk. There was a layer of dust that suggested nobody had lived here for a few years.

  3. I started with the manual typewriter, said I’d publish with the electric typewriter. Then a word processor was my excuse. From there came the laptop, then the tablet and phone. Now I figure I wasn’t using gadgets as an excuse to write, but writing as an excuse to collect gadgets.

  4. ‘Buttons’. Well … maybe not ‘buttons’. But certainly not ‘keys’. Ok, so yeah, you press them as you would press the ‘keys’ of a piano … but still … I don’t think ‘keys’ is the right word either. I mean with a piano you can press several simultaneously. These? Not.

  5. I always know it’s got to be blue. I mean, whenever someone asks me what my favorite color is, I’d think of “blue” first. And then I would remind myself that my real favorite color is green. It just became blue in seventh grade, after I saw her wrote in the slam book, “Favorite Color: Blue”.

    So yeah, green really defines me, but I’m going to get that blue keyboard protector.

  6. His key board is still spanking new. The way he comes across. Squeaky clean, fresh smelling, methodical. How does he manage to do that ?
    Amazing. The laptop is five years old , and has weathered almost daily use by his wife and children. Not to mention he himself , on the net , at every given opportunity.

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