It’s May

Idaho Falls

So here’s the thing. It’s May. The merry month of May. The grass is greener, the flowers scent the air, the light hangs about later in the day, and all those aches and pains the cold weather brought on have faded. What I don’t get is why haven’t my spirits improved. Why does everything still look so bleak? Spring has sprung, but my winter blues are still around.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

2 thoughts on “It’s May”

  1. “It’s May.”
    “Hmmm .”
    “That means half the year is already over.”
    “So?” Looking up from her whatsapp chat , with annoyance on her face .
    “That also means half the school-year is over.”
    “But I have got okay grades.”
    “Okay, not good, neither excellent .”
    “When are you going to get serious with your studies?”
    Then she spoke the three words every mother dreads to hear,
    “Oh ,ho!Chill mom ,yaar.” And threw her arms around my shoulder for good measure. I knew I had been ensnared by this PDA. Sadly , I had allowed myself to succumb , and be hoodwinked for the umpteenth time.

  2. It’s May! There’s no ‘r’ until September when we all brace ourselves for the slide into the impending winter bleakness.
    There is hope and renewed excitement in the air. We throw ourselves into summer clothes, get out doors with a pint or some coffee pretending that we are warm. Sleeves rolled up, loud music is in the foreground. Oh, so many things to please.

    Welcome to the new season.

    It’s May! There’s no ‘Ahh” until September when we teachers brace ourselves for the impending slide into the new year.
    There is fear and accountability in the air. Teachers throw themselves into paperwork, stay indoors with spread sheets or some marking proving that they have worked. Sleeves rolled up, quiet music is in the background. Oh, so many stake-holders to please.

    Welcome to the exam season.

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