A thunderstorm approached, throwing light into the bedroom. Enough tossing and turning, she thought. She climbed out of bed. She warmed a cup of milk in the microwave and sat in the living room to drink it and watch the lightening. While the wind swirled and thunder cracked right overhead, she could see a full moon rising over the mountains to the east. When the storm passed and the milk was drunk, she went back to bed and fell asleep instantly.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “Moonrise”

  1. Joy filled my heart as the soft glowing orb ascended the velvety sky, unblemished by the cities noise and glare. A voice in my mind reminded me of the desperate dream, nay desire to attain or reach our heavenly neighbor. Spirits soar, arousal courses through my veins at the moonrise.

  2. They made their way to the race track , in the dark. Jogging was an obsession with them , and had to be fulfilled at all costs. Ill-timed grocery shopping, homework projects, dinners made , served , and then they had found precious time . But it had gotten dark by then. A massive power cut had ensured total darkness , except for the powerful beams from the headlamps of passing vehicles. A nightjar shrieked into the barmy stillness.
    ” There is no moonrise either , unlike yesterday.”She said , feeling for his hand.
    “Waning phase.”
    They swung into a light step as a ghostly shape sped past them .
    “What was that ?” She whispered.
    “Another mad jogger like us .”
    “We are not alone .”
    They giggled , and she felt better. The eyes got used to the dark, and the track felt familiar, she took a deep breath of the warm, eucalyptus scented air. “Ahh, bliss.”

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