Yes, And

The driverless electric car was at the curb. I climbed in and headed for work. My phone rang. It was my daughter scolding me (scolding ME) for selling my gas powered car. I answered, “Yes, and my decision to do that means the big polluters have one less customer. So I’m saving the earth for YOU!” She sputtered, “But . . .  ”

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “Yes, And”

  1. Silence sat heavy on the air , as the water boiled and she watched the pot . The hush was not usual, neither natural. She had always been talkative .
    That , and chirpy. So , what had happened ? Scared of the hush, the kid quietly tip-toed in and switched off the stove. The water stopped boiling . She absently lifted the pot off the stove , not even acknowledging the presence of the kid. That was the sign of danger. The kid should have moved away , while time presented itself. She didn’t.
    Desperate to re-establish a contact, she said ” I got 18.5 out of 20 in my last weekly”.
    “Yes, and Sonya got only 16.”The kid licked her lips and continued. She was brave .
    Silence again.

  2. Considering how my day had started I felt I was in a better mood than I should be in. I had one of those terribly realistic dreams last night and woke in a mild panic. My wife looked over and saw my scowl, “you look rough.” “Yes, and you noticed….

  3. “Yes, and . . .”

    There was a click. I shook my phone. “Callie, can you hear me?” I yelled, ignoring the stares of passer-by.

    “But . . . yes, and . . . I . . . do.”

    “Callie!” I called frantically.

    There was a buzzing sound, then another click, this time more pronounced.

    The line went dead.

  4. It was about an hour after moonrise, and Celeste felt compelled to take a stroll in the unseasonably cool evening. She didn’t plug in her headphones. Instead, she turned on her iPod, increased the volume and put it in her shirt pocket. She didn’t want any of the night sounds to be muffled by plugging her ears. The sounds of a Bach cello suite coming from the iPod provided a soothing and complimentary addition to the night symphony surrounding Celeste. These walks usually energized her and allowed her to think more clearly. She was resolute to engage in them more often.

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