The Flash

FLASH FROM THE PAST (Camera Awesome By Smugmug)

She struggled with the flash. Honestly, these technological things were so hard. So frustrating. Why wasn’t there a fella in her life to take care of these hard things for her? She wanted to throw the whole contraption out the window, but she’d promised Sally she’d photograph her in the suit she’d sewn for homemaking class. She gripped the glass bulb more firmly and tried again.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “The Flash”

  1. I reclined on the sofa staring blankly at the static playing on the TV set in front of me. I have not moved in a while maybe I should get up and stretch my legs. The flash from the coroners assistant camera snapped me out of the stupor. My dead body….

  2. The breeze felt good on her face . It had rained last night , and the air was cool, sparkling.
    She went through the list in her head over and over again.
    Groceries, petrol, library books, tailors’ ,beautician, why does life have to be an endless list of chores, and things to buy.
    I mean, how much food does one consume ?Do we actually need to eat so much? Perhaps not. A jar of kids’ favourite nutella costs 400 rupees, and the spiralling price of petrol!! School fees, 32000 quarterly, for both the kids!! Isn’t it asking a bit too much?
    In a flash, she was facing this scooter, with babloo spray-painted on it. Babloo (perhaps) himself , stared at her, dolefully, his helmet inches from hers.
    A head -on collision had been miraculously averted.
    Thank God !
    Henceforth, no worrying behind wheels, only driving.

  3. On the Eve I shot my “wake-up” and arose dope-sick and broke. It was not uncommon for me to shoot the heroin I needed to save for the next morning; it’s that Thanksgiving morning is a particularly difficult time to negotiate as an addict. First of all it’s hard to find money. The stores are all closed so shoplifting is out, the Fences aren’t around to offload swag, and you can’t borrow because people are busy with family. Secondly Alphabet City is quiet. Even the Dealers are home. Despite the holiday I was somehow able to scrounge together a few bucks and drive downtown to try and get straight. By the time I got to Rivington Street the nausea was crippling.

  4. The flash of lightning ripped the dark night sky, and the clap of thunder followed shortly. Aimee jumped out of bed, not our of fear but from excitement and ran to the window. She loved to look at lightning, and she didn’t know why. Her mother considered this to be a morbid obsession, but Aimee didn’t care. She always ended disregarding the numerous warnings she had given her about the dangers of standing by the window or running outside to stand in the middle of the yard. The fact was, that this natural force of nature attracted her like a nail to a powerful magnet.

    Nature—it was like an earthbound god to her. Something visible and so powerful that humans had no control over. We were all at the mercy of it, and all we could do was admire it or flee from it. Ever since she could remember, she had always opted on the former.

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